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  1. :)

  2. Clownfish.

  3. Clownfish.

  4. De-rimming my tank...possible?

    Nope, there's a rim in the middle of a tank for structure and strength, removing it would be dangerous.
  5. tpallas' 11.4g LED SPS Rimless

    Love the clam!
  6. Clowns Hosting

    I'm sorry, I don't know. I was given the nem by my barber when he was breaking down his tank in his shop. I always thought it was a Ritteri.
  7. 24" Current Sundial T5HO

    Wow, a really great deal! Good luck with the sale
  8. I looked through Kessil's product description and it doesn't state how long their LED's last. So you don't want to buy something and won't know how long it lasts.
  9. If you're going to get the FNI T-5, you're gonna have to buy a hanging kit separately, and new bulbs. I'm sure you can't put it on a rimless tank! Aha, and the bulbs aren't all that great. So, if you're gonna buy the T-5, around $20/bulb - $80(if you're going with ATI) and $15 for the hanging kit. Roughly $200 plus shipping. I would go with option #1, LED lasts longer and are cheaper in the long run.
  10. Lighting for 20L

  11. Fish ID needed!

    This has nothing to do with this, but I love your 15 gallon x)
  12. 12"mr.aqua cube! Drilled!

    Love the zoa colony!
  13. Kali's Super Simple Pico

    Can't wait!!
  14. Jacob's Photography

    These are so beautiful :')