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  1. Getting out of the hobby

    Bump. No bites so far. It's getting crunch time. Anyone in Knoxville want to make me any sort of offer? I might just take it. album of Pics of the 55 gallon: http://tennessee.facebook.com/album.php?ai...&id=9415196
  2. Getting out of the hobby

    BTT...moving on wednesday my tanks need a good home!
  3. Getting out of the hobby

    BTT....enough replies on the shrooms I'll return PMs and get addy's etc. sometime this weekend. Someone please make offers on this stuff...I really don't want to move it.
  4. Getting out of the hobby

    Possibly shipping out some shrooms on Monday. PM if you want some. Paypal accepted.
  5. Getting out of the hobby

    Yeah I have shrooms galore...
  6. Getting out of the hobby

    BTT. Reasonable and even unreasonable offers will be considered.
  7. Getting out of the hobby

    A couple of pics of the 29: If you are interested and would like to see more pics let me know. I recently cleaned the tanks and got a new camera...
  8. I'm moving soon and cannot afford to move my aquariums. 29g nano reef w/ coral and 45 lbs Live Rock. Red mushrooms, Green Nepthea, some Xenia, and button polyps. Coralife 2x65W Power Compact lighting, Aquarium Life Support MR500 sump/filter w/ skimmer, auto top-off system, Ebo Jager heater, powerheads, black shelf style stand. $550 OBO 55g Saltwater setup w/ 40-50 lbs mixed LR. CurrentUSA 2x65W Power Compact ligting, Aquarium Life Support P1000 sump/filter w/skimmer, auto top-off, Hydor heater, black cabinet stand. $550 OBO Local pick up only. Can arrange delivery and even set up in your home (in Knoxville area) for the right price. Pics will be posted if you are interested. Both these set ups are full, complete running and ready for you to add fish. I have been an avid fishkeeper for many years but have lost money and interest in the last couple years. These tanks have been for sale before and I have not had any interest. I am moving in about 8 days and need money for my move to medical school. If you are in the Knoxville area make me an offer. I really DO NOT want to move these things. I am more willing to deal on the 55g, the 29 is my baby...also I AM NOT PARTING OUT. Please don't ask. See my old post with a better description and pics of the 29: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?...=101281&hl=
  9. I need rent money and money for a new hobby. Help me get out of this one. Make me some offers. If you want some nice setups for about half (or more) the price you would pay new these are for you. I am thinking about parting out the 55 gallon tank so if you want some rock or whatever let me know. I would much rather sell this as a unit, but I may part it out and put it on eBay. I AM NOT PARTING OUT the 29g Reef. The 20g is part-able too.
  10. I would like to frag the specimen and have considered that, but I really haven't thought about it that much. It has naturally fragged itself a little and one large specimen is on the right and a smaller on the left that have grown onto seperate rocks. As for the coral ID, it was sold to me as a lime green nepthea, but neptheas and such are hard to id among other corals of a similar type and have read things that list differences like feel and taste to ID between neptheas and other leathers, but I have never rubbed or licked this guy. I may post on reefcentral.com for a positive ID. When I was sold the specimen it was small and supposedly extremely rare because of the inability to harvest it in the wild. I never did the research to determine if this was decidedly true or not. I can tell you it is a gorgeous piece and is very hardy and has grown like a weed in my tank. Thanks for the compliments. EDIT: After looking on reefcentral and reading this post http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthre...441#post8461441 I am confident that the coral is in fact a green nepthea or closely related.
  11. Pics of the 29 gallon: I will consider selling the green nepthea alone for the right price.
  12. Sorry for the delayed response...e-mail sent.
  13. Prices negotiable make an offer