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  1. I'm sorry for the bad sarcasm. Haha why would I deny it after I post pics? No sorry,blunts are against the rules on these forums. Chill and tear open a few pixie sticks Instead ! Whhats so bad about using same info?
  2. This isn't swag this is rosti
  3. im having trouble understanding you.
  4. I have a crocea that I bought a while ago and when I bought it,it was in a shallow tank at the store lookin all beautiful and blueish green,I got home and put it in the tank and it looks purple and nothing like I expected it to,at the LFS it was like half an inch from the water level,so I couldn't tell. Is there any way to make it look like it does when looking down into the water but have it have those colors when looking throgh the glass?
  5. DIY rimless tank

    Thank you,what I was also thinking.
  6. Before After FYI guys,I straight up told them I have hermits with me and they let me trough as long as they were in the main luggage.They didnt even care.NOT AGAINST THE LAW. They checked to make sure I wasn't lying
  7. $660 Ecotech Radion

    you children need to focus more of the op's question and not what will happen if you buy a radion for $660,acting like none of you wouldn't buy a radion for $660 if you had the chance.
  8. DIY rimless tank

    Seeing a lot of people are building their own tanks now,I've decided to Plan to build One also. I would like to be rimless,ive tried finding a calculator for the rimless glass thickness but didn't have luck finding a working one. What thickness of glass would I need for Length-48inches Width-20inches Height-10 inches And Length-36inches Width-20inches Height-10 inches Would it be a huge difference if I used the same Glass thickness to make the tank 12 inches high instead of 10?
  9. Lighting for 20g Long. Under $200

  10. How is this RO/DI Filter?

    no sorry,although i do use the BRS 5 stage and its really good!
  11. How is this RO/DI Filter?

    from what i heard,you cant go wrong with spectrapure.
  12. was going to buy an aquastyle kit but i don't know how to wire and solder and all that,so i was looking to buy a good 150 watt metal halide reflector+ballast show/tell me what you guys have.