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  1. She is so not cut out for this has no idea what she is doing. Let me know how it goes I'll be at a wedding Saturday afternoon from 2 to idk when but I'm free Sunday. You take it easy and just don't let her screw around with you.
  2. You won't be sorry with the tank I hate this has been so crazy for you and now a month later the wait is still happening. Soon very very soon. Let us know of you need ANYTHING with the setup I may have some leftover tubing for the overflow into the sump if you need it but I gotta hunt for it. And thank you I feel huge but I know it's mostly belly now to get her room set up and things packed for the hospital! It never ends! Let me know what happens with the tank I am so upset that this has been crazy for you. Are you getting the rimless? Glad the supervisor is involved now. Bet she was relieved that you didn't demand a refund as she doesn't have the money to give you! Haha worst business plan ever on her part!
  3. Sorry been a bit busy! Lol trying to get things ready and whatnot. I will try to get pics up this week. Everything is growing and looking awesome. Thanks lady just got about 4 weeks left and it's crunch time! Having a watermelon where my belly used to be is making life a bit more difficult.
  4. Thanks girlie! I had a client today who was amazed I was getting down on the floor with the dog and up on my own at 32 weeks pregnant. I just refuse to become that lazy pregnant lady who doesn't keep up the same routine. I want to do what I can to keep up my condition and that way I bounce back that much quicker after she is born. Thanks for the praises guys I really appreciate it helps me relax about the algae a bit more.
  5. You flatter me I'm just trying to maintain so I don't have to fight it later. Besides it like my therapy helps me keep calm and remember that everything works out no matter what. All I see is the ha though wish that was gone.
  6. Oh and I'll be 32 weeks this Thursday I'm ready for this active abusive baby to be born so I can meet her and bend again. I'm sick of not being able to tie my shoes.
  7. Thanks! Yeah I can't fit behind the tank or in the sump area anymore so things are more difficult. And the belly doesn't allow me to lean the way I used to. Thanks I am just in awe of the growth it's amazing.
  8. Thanks I am still blown away. Oh I have a video.... Here is the link to my FB album... should be public, the video is the first one. It won't let me post it like the pics..... https://www.facebook.com/randi.horlick/media_set?set=vb.659639028&type=2 Thanks Annette! I am still stunned by the reactions I get I honestly don't see my tank the way others' do. And if they want any frags let them know I have a full frag rack now..... Nothing more then $25 for locals.
  9. Okay I am so slow at doing this here are the growth pics. FTS at start with T5HO FTS 4/8/14 with LEDs Poci 8/6/13 Poci 10/6/13 4/8/14 Karl's Candlelight 8/6/13 10/6/13 4/8/14 Jose's Candlelight 8/6/13 10/6/13 4/8/14 Red Planet 8/6/13 10/6/13 4/8/14 Scripps 8/6/13 10/6/13 4/8/14 Pink Lather Millie 8/6/13 10/6/13 4/8/14 All I have for now. The newest are Obviously under LED. I am not counting that as a growth enhancement yet as it has only been under them since February. Thanks for looking I appreciate it. Hope you like
  10. I've got to post some pics today. I was looking back at when we moved here to now and man oh man the growth is insane. I promise pictures today k. Thanks Annette I appreciate it poor xena was getting pushed around by changa mean clown. Lol
  11. FlCandy


    Yes my apologies been a bit crazy here but all is growing like weeds as you can tell. ?
  12. FlCandy

    SouthReef -- Bye bye Red Planet!

    Thanks! The radions get all the credit that's the only thing that has changed! Yours will be there soon.
  13. Ugh! I hope I can just wear my yoga pants. Lol