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  1. Always! You should set up a breeding tank! I am plannin on it for the clowns once their laying eggs.
  2. OHHH want to send me a pair when you have the babies! Voted BTW.
  3. Nice pic of them! The male is looking good!
  4. Great pic!
  5. Love it.
  6. I think their all angry souls. Man those eyes!
  7. Damn! Nice shot! Was this in the faces as well? I still love it!
  8. This pair is awesome they are always out and about.
  9. Poor baby. He will get my vote!
  10. Hope you wear a lead suit!
  11. Awesome shot! I have the same pair as well and I just love their little attitudes!
  12. LOL
  13. He and I love you for it!
  14. Thanks he is a rockstar! I love his goofy personality!
  15. Ha yours needs to be in Poe's Disney movie! He can be the grumpy old guy telling the kids to get off the lawn!