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  1. sorry. I have had the algae since Debbie came through here a couple of months ago. I dont have a clue as to why it will not go away. I'm not overfeeding, so I cant tell you where the extra bioload is coming from. There are only a pair of Occ. Clowns in the tank, and some hermits ect...I do bi-weekly water changes (5 gals) so... im at a loss. Any ideas on how I can get rid of this thing? Also any adive on the algae would be helpful as well
  2. Have this thing in my tank after having put some new corals and a new fish in the tank. Both were in QT for a month. It kind of looks like a caterpillar with xenia tentacles on it.
  3. Jai1985

    lgreen's 8g

  4. Jai1985

    Jai's 20g long

    Thought I would post some updated pics... this is the tank after moving it twice in the last 6 months....
  5. Jai1985

    12-gal Nano Cube fresh start

    Harmless hitchhiker
  6. Jai1985

    want to buy softies

    Looking for a sortie pack. Really interested in zoa's, mushies, perhaps a toadstool. Xenia is cool too. I know many people think of it as a weed, but I like the movement of it. Let me know what you guys have. Might be going out of town on business this coming week so looking to have shipped around the 20th. Thanks for reading.
  7. Jai1985

    IM Nuvo 8 Build Thread

    Are these stock lights? Looking to build a smaller tank and don't want to buy additional lighting to raise softies
  8. Jai1985

    Jcrissey's Fluval Edge Office Build

    I have no experience with LED's. If I go with this tank, what should I look for to add to the stock LED's ?
  9. Jai1985

    Jcrissey's Fluval Edge Office Build

    Been thinking about getting one of these too go along with my 20 long. Can the stock lighting support softies? I am really wanting to possibly get one of these and make a small sortie coral garden.
  10. Jai1985

    first timer starting 55 gallon tank

    1. question, whats your budget? 2. how involved are you wanting to be with the tank? 3. sundries and livestock availability?
  11. Jai1985

    TKIY's PicoAquariums DB18 SPS-o-rama

    Be careful, its dangerous down here.
  12. Jai1985


    The situation has been handled. Turned out to be a misunderstanding and I am really sorry to have let it get to me. Mod, please delete this thread.
  13. Jai1985


    it was only 20 bucks, but im a broke college student! and it was 4 small frags... a green and red mushroom.. a toadstool and a random zoa.
  14. Jai1985


    Great guy to do business with! Just wanted everyone to know!