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  1. Jai1985


    Still available?
  2. Jai1985

    Maxspect Razor Nano 16K

  3. Jai1985


    Still available?
  4. Jai1985

    Mr. AQUA 22- Updated/ Livestock sold

    What are the specs on that light? I sent you an email through craigs BTW. let me know.
  5. If your willing to ship, im interested in the 425's and the wave-maker for them.
  6. Jai1985

    Awesome nano hardware (price reduced)

    Still have the Koralia?
  7. Jai1985

    WTB MP10

    Hey guys looking for a good deal on a MP10. If anyone has one, please send me a pst!
  8. Jai1985

    FS: Reefkeeper Lite

    Still for sale?
  9. Jai1985

    FS: Maxspect Razor Nano 16,000K LED

    sure it's 60w and not 120w?
  10. Jai1985

    FS: Maxspect Razor Nano 16,000K LED

    how was the growth with your corals?
  11. Jai1985

    Heat Issues in Coralife BC29?

    What about the Maxspec nano 16k? http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/353844-fs-maxspect-razor-nano-16000k-led/#entry4887028
  12. Jai1985

    FS: Maxspect Razor Nano 16,000K LED

    will it fit in the hood of a BC 29?
  13. Jai1985

    Jai's BC 29

    Hey guys... thought I would post some pics of my new BC 29... Enjoy! Stock list: 2 - Ocellaris 1 - Skunk Cleaner 2 - Turbo snails 4 - Blue-Leg Hermits Corals: Reverse Superman Frogspawn Duncans A bunch of ZOAS !!!! MAOR ZOAS Purple Mushroom Neon Green Mushroom - melting {Came in on my LR} Green Hairy Mushroom Pulsing hand Xenea GSP Tank seems to be doing well BUT>>>> I'm finding myself having heat issues..... I upgraded the stock pump to a MJ1200 and changed out the fans in the hood for quieter ones with a higher CFM. Significant other will not let me remove the lid, so i'm unsure what to do... contemplating retrofitting LED's in place of the stock CF's... Anyone have experience with Rapid LED's kit for BC's? Specifically, would my temps go down while allowing my reverse superman to thrive with the greater light? The goal of this tank is mainly softies and LPS.... but there might be a couple SPS thrown in there Also, thought I would add some pictures of my 20g planted tank...
  14. Having temp issues with my Coralife BC29. Bought it about 2 weeks ago and cycled with live agronite and live rock. Everything in my tank looks ok, but my temps are varying from 79 at night with the lights off to 84 durring the day. I have modded the pump to a MJ1200 and changed out the fans for Silenx fans from TigerDirect. They are quieter and seem to put out the same amount of air, but the temp issue remains... Thoughts? I have been thinking about getting a retrofit kit from Rapid LED's (will this help?) [Also, the options on the site are confusing... I know I want the dimmable solder-less kit, but i'm unsure about the other options available.]