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  1. Oxydator and Hydrogen peroxide.

    Oxydator D has just one catalyst right? Or can you add additional catalysts?
  2. Oxydator and Hydrogen peroxide.

    I am interested too. Think I'll need 2x D for my tank (40g display). I would try an A but my sump isn't deep enough to submerge it. Reading about peroxide strength, I was surprised to find we can get 35% pretty easily and even 50%! Guessing that's way overkill, but seems most if not all is either 3% or 35%. Is 35% okay to use, caution noted?
  3. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    Big congrats on the TOTM!
  4. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    Take a look at the Oceanlife Overflow, or the X-Aqua. Very small footprint and on a black back wall next to invisible. I use the Oceanlife and love it.
  5. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    12mm! Starfire 3 sides. Maybe a touch over the top but my tank builder did it at no extra charge so hey, why not?
  6. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    Look familiar?
  7. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    Sh*t so I am copying your stand height too? haha oh well, glad it works well. I felt like it should be around that height given how shallow the tank is. Thanks also for the sump shot. I am planning on skimmer+biopellets+marine pure spheres primarily. Nothing too complicated either, but I am building a central divide with bubble trap before the return, and RO chamber down the side rather than front. If you are growing Chaeto in your RO chamber, where is the RO now??
  8. Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef

    I haven't posted in NR for quite some time, but dug out my account just so that I can post on this journal. I decided a few months ago now that I wanted to build a shallow cube. Don't have the space for a 3ftx3ft but did not want a 'standard' 2ftx2ft ... so came to a size of 700mmx700mmx300mm. Happened to be searching on Google for shallow cubes of that size and came across this! Just so happens, I have been planning your tank build almost exactly And what an inspiration it is - I have this bookmarked and have been checking in over the last few weeks to see it progress. It really is my favourite build of the moment, and not just because I am 'replicating' it down here in Australia. I love the clean, fairly sparce scape, and the minimal equipment you have showing. My build differs slightly in that I will be using an Oceanlife Overflow, but otherwise fairly similar. Just finalising details of my stand at the moment but thinking of going 1000mm high - was curious what height yours was and whether you are happy with it? Also, if you happen to have any, can you share any other photos of your sump and layout? My builder has told me that 600mmx600mm sump will be too tight a squeeze, so will probably end up with 550x550. But interested in what equipment/reactors/layout you have if you can share. Keep up the good work - I can't wait to see this build featured as TOTM before long
  9. The Routemaster - slow build ...

    I believe so Has darkened and lost a bit of its pink hue under the glare of the Radion, but still pretty. When I got it: Now:
  10. The Routemaster - slow build ...

    Been some time since I updated on here, so quick catch up - Watchman goby jumped - Removed one side of the arch (the caulerpa just kept coming ...) - More SPS - More Zoas Really happy with the tank right now. Only minor pain points to resolve are: - Need the frag racks out!! Sick of looking at them now (all 3!) ... I may see how one rack is on the back wall if it fits, but otherwise need rid. - Caulerpa algae still popping up here and there, and as the SPS grows it's harder to get the algae out. - A couple of aiptasia have popped up, must get the Rx out Most pics a bit bigger if you click them. I corrected the blue out ... hopefully got them reasonably natural looking if perhaps a little saturated. Oh, I cleaned the glass but got impatient waiting for the crap to clear - so apologies for the floaties in the pics Left Right End Zoas More zoas including CDU Tutti Frutti Acans etc SPS tower SPS & chalice Forest Fire Monti My new favourite tank inhabitant - the gold stemmed fungia Button scoly that was all but dead after an Acan encounter, finally looking good (the other still doesn't look great) Highlighter and Dallas base Green birdsnest. One of three in the tank now ... wish I had room for more, would love a full 'garden'
  11. Lightning doesn't really have a dimmer switch you know.
  12. The Routemaster - slow build ...

    Been a while - but all is going well with the tank, cramming more SPS in there all of which is growing very well. Had to come share this pic of my goby which came out great from my phone cam! Also not in great focus (will get a better one soon), but new FTS:
  13. PAR38 Fan Club

    Yeah because you and LEDTRiC are the only people in the world that have done their research into LEDs and concluded that the best LED spectrum and look you can get from 12x 3W non-CREE LEDs in a cluster is Blue, White, TV, Red & Cyan/Turquoise
  14. Here's a list of Skimmer Footprints

    Site doesn't load for me ...
  15. The Acan Club :P

    Those are great and actually realistic prices! Can't believe the ridiculous prices some retailers have been trying to sell a head of acan for recently.