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  1. wtf? Where are the circles?
  2. Great shot!
  3. Congrats, great shot! Glad a good photo won this time.
  4. Wow, that is a lot of equipment for a small AIO - over half of the tank! Do you think you need all of that in a 5.5?
  5. Fantastic tank, love it. Start a tank thread in the Pico forum!
  6. Voted!
  7. This was my second choice after Ridges - great shot!
  8. Glad this one won, it was my vote for sure =0)
  9. Commented on your thread, but wow, awesome.
  10. So pretty.
  11. Joel, I admire your campaign to win this and I am sure it will mean a lot to you. But I agree with Bishop & Kat - this is not the best camouflage photo submitted to the contest, in my opinion. But congrats on playing the game and winning anyway.
  12. So cute.