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  1. Tanked!

    FO doesn't magically wisk away the cycle. These guys are big buck, the owners don't want to hear "this will take a year to look like you expect". They want it now, and don't really care much about the cost or maintenance. They pay someone else to do it for them. In a $20,000 aquarium, do you really care if you lose a $4 fish? Probably not. Just like you have a pool guy, you also have an "aquarium guy" who comes in and deals with the problems. The cheapest tank on the show was probably $5k-10k. We aren't talking about things like hiding their filtration, we know they hide that. Even if they are pre-cycling the filters, using tap water (which they have shown them using, they had to wait for the temp to come up as well) is going to kill much of that bacteria, plus, there are MANY , MANY mistakes they do, that they should know better about. How about the tank that needed a ladder for feeding (how much do you think that feeding tube alone cost? I'm betting $500 minimum), or the phone booth where, if a fish dies, you have no way of getting it out. Or how about the "hospital tank" in the kitchen where all the tanks were display tanks hooked into a single filtration system. Even the lawyer desk, the granite top openings weight how much? You need special lifters to open it? Yeah, good luck catching a fish in there or even getting it open. Again, these people pay them to maintain these tanks. Money isn't an object. They don't care about cycling and such, they pay them to do it. They do know what they are doing, but it's on a different level and based on whatever the customer wants. These aren't hobby tanks and cheap dead fish are just a part of doing business.
  2. The Oceanarium Project: Imaginarium

    You buried your questions in a wall of text. People skim, especially walls of text and when there are pictures involved. Sorry, I don't have the answers though. It looks good though. If you have no plans for the original filter and switch and would like to gt rid of it, let me know, I would be interested if the price is right.
  3. Tanked!

    They don't need to anymore than Mythbuster's to tell you how to make explosives and such. It's illegal to do so on your own without a license and could even get into trouble for telling you some of those things. Both shows tell you this. Do you really want Mythbusters telling the average idiot how to make Thermite? This show is something average people can and will be doing and can lead to disastrous results, even if legal. Knowing this, they could at least spend 10 or 20 seconds telling you to research it before you dive in and kill a bunch of fish, especially if they truly care for the fish as they claim.
  4. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    You're welcome. I didn't need a multimeter. Just watch how you wire things, and double and triple check before you turn it on. Everything is labeled. The multimeter will help if you run into trouble though, but take your time and again, double and tripple check everything before you fire it up. As for testing I wired them up and went, LOL. I figured I woudl just change the bulb later or de-solder and replace it if one was bad. All mine worked first try though.
  5. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    If the solder isn't flowing, it's usually one of 3 things: Not enough heat, soldering irons vary GREATLY. A 40 watt from Weller pen style, can outperform a 70+ watt Chinese one. These work awesome and will handle just about anything you could ever solder except micro smd stuff. Crappy or contaminated wire. Some wires just dislike solder, too much aluminum maybe? Aquastyle wire is fine though. Dirty wire can be an issue, too. The last is probably your problem. Flux. Flux looks like a wax, some solder is hollow with flux down the center, some solder is solid and you need a can of flux paste and apply it manually. Flux is an acid that cleans the wire and etches it to give solder grip. Make sure your solder has a flux core, or get you some paste or different solder with a flux core. Radio Shack and Home Depot both carry both. See the little silver spots above and below the LED itself (two above, two below), attach your wires there.
  6. Most Entertaining Fish

    Kole Eye Tang, absolutely adorable. It loved watching me and had a great personality. Hilarious to watch swim. The Lawnmower Blenny was also very entertaining. In fresh water, my rope fish was fantastic, I would clean the tank and it would curl up around my wrist and enjoy the ride. He went carpet surfing and made it to my bed before succumbing, poor thing. My Parrots were also very personable and active, especially if I threw a few ghost shrimp in for giggles.
  7. How To - Aquastyle DIY LED - Coral Photos Added

    If you are having trouble soldering... You need to do what is called tinning. Use thin solder, about as thin as you can get with a flux core. Strip the end of the wire, give it a twist to clean up the end, then add a bit of solder to it. Add a bit of solder to the pad you want to solder to, just a small bump. Press the iron to the pad and feed the solder into the crack between the iron and pad. Quickly. Now press the iron onto the wire as it presses down onto the LED pad. This should give you a clean result with less chance of hurting any electronics. Also, if you can, line up your LED's so they line up positive to negative. Spend a few minutes on this as it makes it easier, faster and better looking. Granted some designs you have to zig zag, so they won;t be as simple as this, but try and keep it logical. Don't just stick the LED's where you want them, orient them as well to obtain the cleanest wiring scheme. Like this:
  8. DIY $15 Fluval EDGE LED Acrylic Drop Hood

    Nice work, it looks good. Your lights being that low will give a decent light spread . Something to consider is surface agitation, you only have the neck that is open surface, of course keeping the water below this will fix that issue. The bad side to that is be prepared for lots of bubbles under your glass, especially as evaporation happens. Getting my lights out of the neck reduce my under glass bumbles to almost nothing.
  9. Tanked!

    They didn't follow these guys for three years, that doesn't mesh with the whole concept of reality tv, which is that it's CHEAP to make. You have a few camera men follow some people for a bit, chop it up, add drama, add a logo. Besides, not only does reality tv come and go, and they know this, but also 3 years in the making? That would take a heck of an investment and no one will do that on a first season reality tv show. They fly out to hand pick the fish because it allows them to hand pick the best looking specimens. When your client is spending 50k on a tank, are you going to go to the local LFS and pick from 2 or 3 they have in stock or do you go to a place that has 50 of them to pick from? It has nothing to do with care for the fish, it's about caring for the customer and his wallet.
  10. testing my LFS

    10 years ago, I would agree, bigger is easier and safer. When I first considered salt, the rule was don't go smaller than a 55 gal. for that reason. Smaller was a hassle. Many still operate under this thinking. Nowadays though, my first recommendation is some of the newer All In One tanks. Things are WAY easier than they used to be and smaller tanks are so much easier to do water changes and such on. Can bad things happen faster? Of course, but the maintenance is easier so it's more likely to happen, which balances things out. Shops need to get out of this mindset of larger is better. You have to get someone in the hobby before you can make money on them and a few small tanks can generate just as much money as a single large one. Like JoelRHale, I too usually only discuss my plans with the manager, unless an employee shows me they know what they are doing.
  11. Silicone-didnt let cure

    Holding power isn't the issue, it's the solvents released while curing that can be. I would wait 24 hours then rinse it out really good. Since it's already in, toss a bit of carbon in there to pick up anything released. Can't hurt.
  12. Tanked!

    I think many don't realize that many of these people do not maintain their own tanks. They pay someone to do it. They think in cubic dollars, they don't care about cost, just get it done, and get it done NOW. Treat the whole tank for ich, who cares. Lose an $80 fish, so what, replace it with 3 and see which survives. Money isn't an object in these tanks. Think about this, they FLEW from Vegas to L.A. to hand pick their fish in each episode, then had the fish shipped to them. Tanks to these people are living art, and money is no object, it's not a hobby. As for the wife and the sharks, there is almost no chance you would have gotten me in there, especially on TV. Who the heck decided to add the fish first? The customer, and they went along with it. They knew the sharks were there and knew it would be a problem, they just didn't care about the consequences, just get it done and get that money. Worry about the rest later. I like watching Whale Wars, it's like a bad train wreck, but I hate the idea that by watching it, I am helping the captain do what he does. He is just plain manipulative and wreckless, I'm honestly amazed no one has died yet. It's easy to see why he was kicked out of Greenpeace. Willing to die for whales is fine, but there is no reason to put lives at risk for no reason, which he tends to do quite often. I don't like the hunt, but at the same time I don't blame the Japanese for being angry. Like I said, it's like a bad train wreck.
  13. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Some people need more help, some do not. The wiring part was exactly what I answered, it's entirely separate, I.E not connected. Take a compatible socket, splice it onto an old extension cord.
  14. Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    It's a completely separate system from the stock system. It's just a simple AC lamp system,
  15. Whats wrong with this complete kit?

    Go to usps.com and input the Hong Kong Post tracking number, you will likely get more information. The Hong Kong Post relies on USPS to track once it gets here and they don't go into detail.