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  1. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    Thanks Ark. There's definitely plenty of room to fill, but due to financial issues I'm going to leave the room for everything to just grow for now.
  2. Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    Still looking great!
  3. 30 Gallon Reef (New Pics)

    Looks awesome so far!
  4. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    Thank you Patback. The acan is my favorite piece. Today my pistol shrimp was feeling brave and I could finally get a picture of him. I'm not sure of want kind but maybe someone can help ID him. The body is all red with whites spots down the side, tips on the claws, and a white tail.
  5. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    It's been awhile since my last update so hopefully everyone's likes the changes. Excuse the iPhone quality pictures. Full tank shot Left side Right side
  6. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    Thank you guys!
  7. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    I just got over a GHA outbreak and finally have the tank completely cleared of it all. So here's a picture update. FTS Right Front Left Front
  8. 29G SPS Aquarium

    Sick tank!
  9. Awesome tank!! Makes me miss my 60g Cube.
  10. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    Thank you Ark!! I forgot to mention the fish that I was given as a gift. I now have a Purple fire Fish and a pair of Snowflake clowns.
  11. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    Thank You everyone!! The cycle is done, but when it was nearing the end i was away from the tank on let's call it "vacation" and I came home to the tank completely covered in GHA. I have had the lights off for about a week now and I have been doing water changes and manual removal to get the tank back and be able to start adding coral. The light I estimate is about 14" above the top of the tank. That would be awesome man!! let me know when! I still have the same number if you still have it. Thank You!! Its great to be back Nanotopia
  12. XXIX MIXED REEF.....Picture Update!

    Thank you jgpico!