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  1. Ended up going with the K2 Viper Metal Halide....just gotta find a way to incorporate moon lighting, probably going to go with blue LEDs and just have a removable strip across the class cover on top of the tank.
  2. http://www.petco.com/product/113490/Corali...ssories_Product Any thoughts on this light? I would mount it like a pendant with a 12v LED moonlight strip attached to it.
  3. @wankreas, thanks that would be great, and does anyone have a link to these modules? i think i can handle the fitting and mounting if its an all in one plug and play kind of deal.
  4. Is there anywhere selling decent led set ups pre made that anyone knows of? All I've found so far is all the diy pieces.
  5. Just to be completely upfront about this, I'm completely new to sw and the site as a whole. All I have so far in the 12 gal jbj nano with about 11-12 lbs live rock and 15lbs live sand, with water that has been cycled for about 6 weeks, just got two Damsel fish in it trying to see how everything goes, water levels are running good as far as i know. PH- 8.0 Ammon-.10 Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- 20ppm, thats all my kit tests for so far, and these are results for before my recent 2 gallon water change today. Only running water through stock pump, refuge rock, and sponge. Will retest tomorrow and check to see if buffer is needed. All of this was to say that I have no light on the tank what so ever, so all the good algae on the rocks i've gotten from buddies is slowly dying off, and leaving two sad damsel's. I tried to fix the stock hood, and onlu achieved a strong shock, but cant find a wiring diagram anywhere and don't have a clue how to work with ballasts. The only thing that works on it are the two VERY dim moon led's. From what I have read, it probably isn't even worth repairing, and would be easier to simply upgrade or to buy a new set up all together. Does anyone have any pointers on a EASY do it yourself kit from the stock hood, or know of anywhere I can buy an entire replacement light? I have no idea which way to go on t-5/ Halide so any advice is good advice. I searched through a lot of forums and havent found anything specifically on the best cost efficient way to go with the Nano 12. Furthermore, any advice on anything else that i mentioned above with my set up that could be reconfigured or changed for better results would be extremely helpful. Pictured is both my current tank set up, as well as the current state of my hood. Thanks, Eric