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  1. I really need your help!

    Funny got my vote
  2. Peppermint Shrimp ... eating coral?

    I love mine hes bad ass
  3. do i really need a skimmer

    I didnt think so thx everone And stevie the media basket is bad ass I love it thx again
  4. do i really need a skimmer

    Try chaeto it showly died had a corallife 6500k day on it
  5. Ok got a bio cube 14 a intank mediabasket purigen and chemi pure do 2 gallon weeky wc and 1 firefish about 4 crabs and a butt load of snails I have the bio cube skimmer but I don't think it really works and don't think I really need it would like to know what everybubby thinks do I need it or not
  6. BioCube 14 Setup HELP!

    There are a lot of ways you can do it I'm +1 with the media basket I run one in my bio cube purgen and chemi pure imo is the way to go but my tank can run well without it I haven't had it in for weeks and probs right now I have noting in the filter area just floss and the tanks going great but I did just order a new one from intank that thing looks sweet all I was tryin to say is if you keep everything clean and good rodi water you should have no probs
  7. BioCube 14 Setup HELP!

    live rock should be the only bio filter you need
  8. BioCube 14 Setup HELP!

    Bio balls do work great but you do have to clean them a lot and in a small tank it don't take alot to get a nice big spike I have a bio cube 14 and I love it but you do need to keep up with weekly wc and a nice Cuc I would order it from reefcleaner great place to order a cuc
  9. cyan algae problem in 14 biocube

    Cc is crushed coral it need cleaned weekly or it becomes a nirate factery
  10. my tank looks awful!

    +1 with ecogirl22 I would do the same
  11. cyan algae problem in 14 biocube

    That's cc I would vac it
  12. my tank looks awful!

    If everything is dead I would just start over that really sucks sorry dude
  13. help i.d

    Thx helped.a lot
  14. help i.d

    So its a good thing ?
  15. help i.d

    don't know what they are two white dots on snail and some live rock thx