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  1. 14 gal bc skimmer

    There is 2 fish in now, a clown small 1 inch and a damsel about the same size. I have lots of coral frags and a frogspawn and hammer. If I ever catch the damsel he's out of there. A cleaner grew- (crabs and snails). I have a pic of tank with all the coral, but if they all wake up I will upload a better pic. This is all that will be in this tank. The 29 gal cube is problem tank at this point. All water testing is checking out fine, 30 per cent water change weekly. Has green algae on most of the rock and green hair algae starting in tank.That tank has 1 clown, wrasse, shrimp, starfish, All are small 1 to 1 1/2 inch only ,live rock and very little coral yet. couple of mushrooms, riccordia small , staghorn and an unidentified small piece. Halide lighting fairly new bulb 3 months now tunzie 9002 skimmer. chemi pure, 0 nitrate.ph 8.2 to 8.4 tank get only 6 hour of lighting at this point. upgraded powerhead and maxi jet 1200 pump
  2. 14 gal bc skimmer

    Hi all, been reading and trying to learn. Love this site. Question is, I have a 14 gallon bc .The skimmer is an Oceanic for bc. Will this be enough for the tank? have upgraded the pump to a Maxi Jet 900, So far so good with tank. Fairly new and was soft cycled (2 months old.) All corals and 1 fish are great. Also I have a 29 bc with a tunze 9002 protein skimmer, 150w metal halide pen. 14000 phoenix bulb . This tank was stocked when I bought it. It was pretty dirty and I'm trying to clean it up. Has some hair alge . and trying to get water parameters in check.Im doing 25% water changes once a week. I have a RODI . What is the best way to clear out the hair alge in the back of chambers and a small amount on rocks? I know this sounds dumb, but I was learning with the 14 gal when I bought this 29 in a distress sale. I have had salt Fish tanks for 20 years but never had a reef tank..