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  1. I'd love to get a sixline, and might in the future. However, I just added a pair of clownfish and the male is about 3/4" long. I'm worried that a sixline would harass him too much. I'll probably wait until he gets a little bigger. For now, I'm going to see if I can keep the flatworms in check with selective siphoning.
  2. I use RO/DI water and I'm running both Purigen and Chemipure Elite. I test for Phosphates occasionally and they've always been zero or close to it. At this point, I would characterize the flatworms' occurrence as "scattered". I did some siphoning yesterday and I'll do a little more today. Right now, I can see about a dozen. What I haven't been able to figure out: Are these Red Planaria going to feed on something that I don't want them to (coral or fish), or are they more of an unsightly nuisance? Obviously there's the danger that a runaway population will die off and poison the tank, but I'm nowhere near that right now. What kind of damage could be done by dozens of flatworms, not thousands?
  3. Yep. They're Red Planaria (http://theaquariumwiki.com/Flatworm) Mine aren't on the glass, they're only on rock for now. They certainly would have been easier to identify on the glass. Thanks to fraxinius and franklypre for the quick responses. Looks like I'm siphoning as a first step.
  4. Well, I thought they never moved, but I just siphoned a couple into a glass and sure enough, they're little worms! Ouch. Back to the search function to figure out how to get rid of them. I've got a pair of clownfish arriving tomorrow or the day after. I hope that's not a problem.
  5. I've looked through the ID threads here and I can't figure out what I've got. There are small brown flakes stuck to certain areas of my rocks and sand. I first noticed them about 6 weeks ago. They haven't spread very quickly, but there are definitely more of them. I don't think they move, so I don't think it's an invert. I assume it's more of an algae, or maybe a mushroom. The biggest one in this photo is about 1/8" across. Another strange thing is that all of the flakes seem to have a similar shape, oblong with almost two lobes. On the larger ones, an edge is lifted up and it waves around in the current. Tank is about 7 months old, good parameters, very lightly stocked (basically a CUC crew tank with 2 LPS and one zoa, for now). Since they're starting to increase in numbers, I need to figure out if they're friend or foe. Anyone know?
  6. StaticRick's 28g NanoCube LED

    Clean Up Crew ordered from ReefCleaners.org this weekend. Should ship today and arrive Wednesday. Will add lots of life to the tank compared to the few hitch hikers (small brittle stars and tiny snails) I've got now.
  7. HELP! What's my Aqua C skimmer doing?

    Haven't done that yet, but I wouldn't put it past me! Thanks for mentioning it. Thanks to both of you. It sounds like I need to wait until I've got more of a bioload in there before tuning the cup height.
  8. HELP! What's my Aqua C skimmer doing?

    I've had it at that spot in the past, but then it occasionally goes crazy and fills then overflows with foam. I can't figure out why it seems to be running fine for a day and then (usually when I'm not looking) there's foam spurting out the top.
  9. I have an AquaC Remora on my 28g Nano-Cube. The tank is still being established and it has no bioload right now, other than the LR hitchhikers. So, I don't expect to get a lot of skimmate, but I've been trying to run the skimmer to get through the break-in period. It's been running for about three weeks now. The problem is that I can't find a height setting of the collection cup that works. I assume at this point I should be finding a spot that doesn't collect anything. No matter what height I set the collection cup to, it will occasionally fill with water. This appears to be an unpredictable phenomenon. In other words, it does not correlate to the on/off activity of anything else in the system that I can see. A couple of times, it has filled with so much water and foam that foam begins coming out of the small hole in the lid. This foam then "pops" and splashes the walls and tank lid. I've never had a skimmer before, so I'm really unsure about what is going on in this case. I need to figure this out. Wiping the splashed salt off of the walls is getting annoying!
  10. StaticRick's 28g NanoCube LED

    An update: Sand added (CaribSea Agra-Alive Fiji Pink, 20 lbs.) Got one nice piece of LR from my LFS and one pound of live sand to seed with. Sand and LR went in six days ago. Haven't seen an ammonia spike yet, but I'm trying to be patient. I found this article that suggest I should wait three months before even adding a CUC. If I get a big algae bloom, it's gonna be hard to not do something about it! Another issue is that pH hasn't gone above 7.9. I'm not sure if that's normal for a new un-stocked tank or not. Need to read up some more on that...
  11. Vortech MP10

    I'm interested to! Please let me know where you find one.
  12. StaticRick's 28g NanoCube LED

    I'm trying to take it slow and not add too much at one time. My goal a year from now would be a pair of clownfish, a few soft corals and LPS, and a clam. I hope to focus on a few strongly colored corals instead of a tankful of many varieties. The clam feels like it's a long way off right now since I want to have things well established beforehand.
  13. 28 nano LED Journal updates!

    Now THAT's funny!!
  14. 28g NanoCube HQI Setup w/ Chiller, UV, etc.

    I've got a 28g NanoCube LED with chiller and Remora Nano Skimmer. Here's my setup, going from Left to Right looking from the front: Chamber 1: Stock return Pump, Pump for Skimmer Chamber 2: Chiller return piping. (Skimmer overflow dumps into both chambers 1 and 2) Chamber 3: InTank media basket with chaeto (JBJ Nano-Glo refugium light) Chamber 4: Heater, Chiller take-off piping Chamber 5: Stock return Pump, temperature probe and pH probe for Reefkeeper I still have to find a place for a float switch and piping for an ATO. It's pretty crowded back there. I hope this helps.
  15. StaticRick's 28g NanoCube LED

    Good thoughts. I've got the JBJ Refugium light, so I'm going with the chaeto. I expect to have a long cycle because of the amount of un-seeded rock. So far, patience hasn't been a problem with this tank... so far. Agreed. I've got the Aqualifter pump and float switches. Now, I just have to figure out where the switch is going to go. It's getting awfully crowded in the back! Thanks. I'll be following your tank since it seems to be about 6 months ahead of mine.