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  1. FS:Jebao WP40 $35 Shipped

    bump $35 Shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. FS:Jebao WP40 $35 Shipped

    The website is not letting me send any message to your account. my paypal info is: smeagol_pr@hotmail.com Please remember to add paypal fees. Item will be shipped this weekend. Thank you very much.
  3. In almost Brand New contidion, used for 1 month cycling and then taken out due to tank breakdown.
  4. 2xFNI 250W metal halide pendants $60 shipped

    one sold to itzju. thank you for the payment.
  5. 2xFNI 250W metal halide pendants $60 shipped

    Sure no problem. My paypal is smeagol_pr@hotmail.com. please include paypal fee and your address. Thank you guys.
  6. Up for sale are this two FNI 250w metal halide pendants. They include hanging kits, pendant and bulb. The bulbs are 20K temperature. Selling because I got rid of the tank and have no use for this. Both pendants for $60 Shipped - No ballast included. Also have Jebao WP40, like new condition with original box for $40 Shipped. (you can see it in the picture, more pictures available if requested) Thanks for looking Alex
  7. FS: Eshopps Overflow Box PF-800

    I have one for sale if you are still looking for one. Let me know
  8. DIY Live Rock for cheap

    the first batch came with a little bit of sand on the bottom, the second batch and third one not because I used 100% crushed coral as the mold, you could use the salt for the mold too and that way it will dissolve in water. Now Im using 100% salt as mold. Will post some pictures later. Im pretty sure the rocks are reef safe, theres a lot of people using this formula with success. My 90g is 100% DIY live rock since I liked the look of them better than real reef rocks.
  9. DIY Live Rock for cheap

    I forgot about this thread sorry for not responding. Ill be posting some pictures later this week. Been busy selling this rocks locally I dont have any livestock yet because I was out of town for 3 weeks. This weekend Ill be adding a fish to see if everything is fine, atleast the water parameters are in check. Let see if theres no poison in those grout mixes lol I should hire Heisenberg to test the rocks :|
  10. vortech mp10es + reefkeeper lite

    Ill take the reef keeper if still available
  11. DIY - Dosing Pump w/Peristaltic Head

    really nice, thanks for sharing
  12. Very advance setup breakdown - package for now

    im interested in the apex
  13. DIY Live Rock for cheap

    for me took 4 days under strong flow and changing the water twice a day.
  14. DIY Live Rock for cheap

    I found that White Portland cement is not available everywhere and the Grout tends to fully cure faster than the cement. The PH spikes are less too. Not sure if there's anything special on grout mixes but I really like how you can select from different color mixes. Also the smallest White Portland cement bag I found was like 93 pounds, way too much unless you are planning on making a huge amount or rocks.
  15. DIY Live Rock for cheap

    How much rock do you need?