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  1. thanks
  2. Uggly Overflow I know
  3. Getting back to the game
  4. home sweet home
  5. ATO
  6. really nice I like it
  7. check my build thread, there's a link to Yankeepete AIO's
  8. Build Thread
  9. thank you
  10. yes, they get extremely hot, even with fans they still get hot but not as hot as without any fan. I wont recommend adding any kind of blue moons or led chip because it could be a fire hazard. I love this pendant I have another one over my 20L but in 150w
  11. I love MH!!!! I tried Rapidled par38(tricolor) boostleds of all kind, Aquastyle cr@p and RapidLed Ultra premium kits but honestly I prefer MH over LEDS. MH looks more natural to me. Now I use LEDs to light my christmas tree because thats where they should be used anyway lol
  12. I didnt like the dimensions at all, it was a nice cube but I prefer long tanks. More space for more corals .....
  13. Yes I got rid of the cube. This 40g was my Sump for the Cube. The lightning is: FISH NEED IT 250W with 20k stock bulbs.
  14. thank you I have a few other guitars hanging from the wall, almost a Guitar Center hehehehe