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  1. Pics of my 7.5 GLA

    Nice tank. I have a 7.5 with a MP 10 on it as well... and I get made fun of for that a lot... lol
  2. If you are a patient person, it might be best to start fresh... Flat worms are annoying, and FE doesn't always work completely.
  3. Help With Lighting for Nano tank

    I have an Orphek Par 38 lamp over my 7.5 gallon tank with no problems
  4. Silicates

    Well I have tested my TDS meter on multiple sources of 0 ppm water. So, I know the device is accurate. I am not having problems with any algae at the moment (cross fingers), but was wondering...
  5. Stomatella

    Do these breed quickly in an aquarium? I feel (at night) that I am seeing more (small ones) than usual... If so, is it a "bad thing"?
  6. Silicates

    If you have RO/DI water that is reliably 0ppm, can it still have silicates in it?
  7. which bulbs to use?

    Dealing with such quality bulbs (like ATI), it's really about aesthetics for your enjoyment, since the corals are going to love almost any combo (within reason)...
  8. Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Beautiful Tank. I experienced a lot of "color changing" when I went with LED's as well... They also are deceptively strong, as I think I was burning some zoas at first...
  9. Pico Bay's 1st Build (Pic Heavy)

    Are you putting any fish in there?
  10. Best in the West. Zoas and Palys! Must See!

    I also would like to know what is available? Also, if anything new too? Thanks!
  11. Is your MP10 Vortech noisy?

    I purchased an MP10ES from this site. When I received it, it was NOISY! The customer service {WHO ROCK!} from Ecotech Marine fixed it at no cost. Now it's silent... I highly recommend it!
  12. help with zoas

    I shocked new Z&P's with my new LED light being a bit too close to the surface... one frag didn't open up for a month! They are all doing awesome now though!
  13. MY BUILD

    Looking good! Do you use a PAR 38 lamp? If so, which brand?
  14. invertebrates

    I have 1 astrea snail, 2 cerith snails, and 2 small blue-legged hermit crabs in my 7.5gallon tank.