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  1. I used this for about two months and is too powerfull for my little reef so I went back to T5's. Awesome fixture, paid 400.00 for everything, save yourself some money - $225.00. Hamilton Cayman Sun HQI Reflector •Incredible high light output reflectors -- 2 times brighter than Reefstar •6 actinic blue LED lights & LED transformer •Durable, powder coated black exterior •95% German reflective aluminum interior •Includes Steel Cable Suspension Kit & tempered glass lens •Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 5" Lumatek 400W 120/240V Dimmable / Multi-Wattage (250W, 400W) •Dimmable Electronic Ballast •Dual-Voltage - The only E-Ballast with the same light output on 120V or 240V •Multi-Wattage -- Powers 250W, 400W and HQI Lamps •The Super Lumens setting on the 400 Watt Ballast provides 10% MORE Light! 20000K Metal Halide Bulb - XM The XM double-ended 20000K metal halide bulb offers excellent coloration and good intensity. It is white with a strong blue tint. It brings out the fluorescent pigments in corals nicely.
  2. LED is 16" long x 8.5" wide, x 2.5" tall, HQI is a 24" Fixture.
  3. Cleaning out my closet, tank cracked looking to sell things to offset purchase of replacement. Some items are new and some are used. I will answer any questions that you have. Thanks. 1. Reef Breeder 3 watt Bridgelux LED Fixture that is less than a month old. This has a custom array with 29 ea. 450nm LEDs, 18 ea. 4500K nm LEDS and 8 ea. 420nm LEDs. Great light and nothing wrong with it, I bought two but only need one. Logan from Reef Breeders said that the 2 year warranty for the fixture will transfer to new owner. The fixture comes with 90 degree optics that can be installed. You are allowed to install/remove optics and not void the warranty. $165.00 shipped (new) 2. Used Coralife 150w HQI Metal Halide with 4 ea. T5 HO. Has been retrofitted, originally came with dual Power Compacts, have since retro fitted to include 4 ea. T5 HO bulbs, Tek II reflectors and Fulham T5 ballast. MH HQI is Phoenix 14K, T5's are 2 ea ZooMed Actinics and 2 ea ATI Coral Plus, all bulbs are 4 months old. Great light, upgraded to LED's. $150.00 (used) 3. I decided to go another direction and do two part dosing. I want to sell this as a kit, Two Little Fishes Kalk Reactor, Kent Buffer, Kent Kalkwasser mix, Red Sea Test kits are all new. Kent Calcium and Purple Tech are @ half full and come free with the set-up. $75.00 (new) 4. Selling my eShopps Float swith w/Kent Aqua Doser. I am upgrading to an automatic system that will be controlled. Great little system for dosing evaporated water of Kalkwasser make-up. $40.00 (used)
  4. I have two each Reef Breeder 3 watt Bridgelux LED Fixtures for sale. One is 3 months old and the other is less than a month. These are custom built arrays with 29 ea. 450nm LEDs, 18 ea. 4500K nm LEDS and 8 ea. 420nm LEDs. Great lights and nothing wrong with them, one was not enough for my tank and two is too many. Going to go with the 24" Dimmable fixture now. Logan from Reef Breeders said that warranty for the fixtures will transfer to new owners. These fixtures do come with 90 degree optics that can be installed. You are allowed to install/remove optics and not void the warranty. These are well made and the corals like the light, I have them over my 45 gallon cube, unfortunately astetically I only want one fixture. Ask any questions, can provide the email from Reef Breeders for warranty, cost 190.00 each new asking 150.00 each including ground shipping anywhere in 48 states. 06/01 - Sold one, have one left.
  5. Price Reduced to move!!
  6. LEDTRiC TruPop Par38 Bulb

    Still have not sold my New LEDTRiC TruPop Par38 bulb. Unused and in origina,l packaging, have tested bulb to ensure that it works. I am moving to LED Strips but is a beautiful light. Comes with light cord from WalMart. 60.00 plus shipping.
  7. I am selling my Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplight's, these are great lights and really make your corals pop. All three are actinic blues and 12 inches in length, you will have to get your own splitter and power supply. The reason that I am selling them is to go to longer 36'' strips. Asking 120.00 plus shipping for all three, you save 75.00. They are 3 months old, these lights really make your corals look awesome! I will separate if I can get buyers for all three at 45.00 ea.c
  8. I have a Brand new TruPop PAR38 bulb for sale that was used briefly (less than a month), I have a copy of the receipt to prove when purchased if needed. I used it on a 10 gallon tank but decided to combine everything into a 30 long and it does not fit under my hood and I do not want to modify the oak canopy. The bulb will come with both 60 and 80 deg optics and light cord, 80's are installed, 85.00 for everything including shipping by US Postal Service. Located in Charleston, South Carolina
  9. FS new T5 refletors

    what's the difference between the IceCap and TEK? Are they both parabolic?
  10. FTS - 40B - GU10 LED - 20G Sump

    cool DIY light fixture!
  11. very close, the TruPop is brighter believe it or not. I would say the TruPop resembles a 10K bulb where as the zooman72 is more like a 14K bulb comparing to T5 Bulbs.
  12. Sold second full spectrum, still have TruPop. Almost identical in color to the full spectrum.
  13. Sold 1 ea. Full Spectrum bulb, still have; 1 ea. "zooman72's" full spectrun PAR38 bulbs both used for 3 months - 90.00 each includes shipping by USPS Brand new TruPop PAR38 bulb - 80.00 includes shipping by USPS (All bulbs come with both 60 and 80 deg optics and light cord, 80's are installed on all) Brand new Two Little Fishies KW Reactor 300 (Kalkwasser Reactor) - 50.00 includes shipping by USPS
  14. Samurai Acan