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  1. Kat's Ol' Max

    If shipping wouldn't be my left arm I would take him.
  2. Monks 20g Sad Little Macro Tank

    It was used but looks great, none of the seams have any wear at all. It seem that the return line is drilled inside of the overflow box? Is that common? I have a bulk head that fits 3/4 pipes and it slides in the overflow drain, Im wondering if the stand pipe bulkheads would be different than the out the back overflows. The return looks to be 1/2. Doesnt seem like a lot for a 75 but ill make it work.
  3. Kat's Ol' Max

    How much did you order, I need to make another order once I start my new tank. Did you get rid of all the macros in the fuge?
  4. Kat's Ol' Max

    Are you going to keep the little guy?
  5. Monks 20g Sad Little Macro Tank

    Well I got a good deal on a RR 75g only 75$ So now im planning on setting up a this new 75 for a larger macro tank with a Blue spot puffer, Tahitian Butterfly, Copper banded, Red tail filefish, and maybe a dwarf angel.
  6. GR's 2 Gallon IQ3 Pico Reef - New Pics!

    I wish my snails would sprout some Acetabularia lol
  7. Kat's Ol' Max

    Did you get any different kinds of Macro's on that rock? I know it will prolly have some growing on it in a couple weeks out of nowhere
  8. FS: Macroalgaes...all kinds!

    I'm planning to start up a 75g macro tank in a few weeks. I hope you will be ready to do some trimming by then
  9. Hypo's Underwater Garden - RIP Elegance =[

    Looking great!! I love the Star grass, I'm going to have to order me some if I can find it. How are your Goni's doing? I found that mine did a whole lot better in my dirtier macro tank than in a clean coral tank. They are great looking corals!
  10. ORA Blue Hypnea

    Ochtodes has always looked more purple than blue in my tanks. All the pictures I see online they both seem to be pretty similar?
  11. Monks 20g Sad Little Macro Tank

    So I was thinking of doing one of a couple things with this Macro tank. Above all it will be a macro tank 1: Make it an invert only tank. 2: A species tank, I was thinking a lone small Valentini or Leopard Puffer, or a Orange Tail File Fish. maybe another species ( Ideas? I dont want to do Seahorses or Pipefish. Any thoughts Here it is in its current state Sorry for the phone pics
  12. Identification - walking macro

    I agree it is hard to tell, could it maybe be Chaetomorpha aerea or Cladophoropsis macromeres?
  13. Monks 20g Sad Little Macro Tank

    I was going to make a new thread but I got one here already Now I just have to start collecting Macroalgae again, and rebuild my leds to fit. I have 2 Yellow Clown Gobies in there, the Clownfish is going to be moved to my 75 Ill be setting up this week sometime hopefully. Then maybe this 20g can be plumbed into the 75 Here is a pic of my poor 55g with most of the rock out of the 150g. Rock is stacked up to the top and goes from back to front, hardly any room in there at all lol. Cant wait to set up the 75g. Once I have a chance to really check out all the rock, I will prolly be re-scaping the 20g with more interesting pieces.
  14. Hermit ID PLS

    Thanks Ray, he is a bit large, and he will prolly bulldoze everything lol.
  15. Hermit ID PLS

    Can someone ID this hermit for me? Bout the size of half dollar.