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  1. quick quarantine

    I always have some ceramic biomedia or a filter sponge in my fuge for this very purpose, introduces some bacteria on some disposable media and I just toss it after if I had to treat the qt at all
  2. Colour them up!

    They may be getting use to your lighting conditions, I find some of them keep better colors in dimmer or shaded areas. Otherwise double check your phosphate levels.
  3. Good detritus eaters?

    IMO the best detravours are the mico fauna that usually come with live rock, as in bristle worms, micro stars and pods Oh and my favorite worms, spaghetti worms
  4. Bubble Tip in 20 Long?

    I know that's its not recomended, but I've had a rbta in my ten gallon for over a year now. I guess I'm lucky (or just that good ), it stayed in the same spot I picked for it and hasn't moved since. Oct 2012 Sept 2013 (no current FTS)
  5. GHA on the underside of a Birdsnest colony

    If you can easily remove the whole piece out of the tank, I would put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide right on the trouble spot, wait a few mins to let it work, then rince and put back in tank
  6. solid acan color ?

    Acans do prefer medium-med/low lighting, especially to keep the multicolors. I have one colony that is partially shaded, and the rainbow colors are showing under the shade, while the rest is solid orange with white stripes.
  7. Are there benefits to.....

    Depends, I found it to cover an area faster to frag a few pieces and place them where you want more coverage, once they heal, the more surface area allows for more spread vs densely packed polyps.
  8. what kinda food is the best to feed LPS

    Oh, for some that don't have their feeders extended (like acans and brains) I feed the fish first to get the sent of food in the water, then I go to target feeding once I see the response. Otherwise for frag tanks with no fish, I add a few drops of juice from the food to get the same effect without the waste.
  9. what kinda food is the best to feed LPS

    For the most part corals are carnivores, hey respond to meaty foods. I've fed my Acans, Duncan's and blastos with frozen cyclops, brine, mysis, finely chopped shrimp and spectrum pellets. Plus what ever they catch and the occasional nassarius snail that climes into their mouths.
  10. True facts about the Mantis Shrimp

    Saw this a few months back and haven't stopped laughing lol. Seeeea piiiiiig!
  11. Injured Hammer, anything I can do?

    LPS usually heal and grow back as long as they don't get an infection. Just keep your tank stable and lightly spot feed twice a week.
  12. Do you need a skimmer?

    Well I've been running my tank with out a skimmer for over three years how. Its a ten gallon Sps dominated reef, and growth has been great for the space I have. I do 20-30% changes weekly, and I have a AC70 fuge and a AC30 for chemi pure and pureigen. I have always had 3 small fish in it, some moved to bigger tank and then replaced lol. I know a skimmer can make things better still, but space of a small tank and not wanting to change what's not broken by buying another piece of equipment... I'm happy with my results
  13. what do you feed your carpet anemone?

    Once it's settled and acclimated, I use table shrimp or krill for smaller nems or ones that are recovering. Otherwise slices of whitefish fillets from the grocery store (slice and freeze yourself) or if you get silversides from a pet store, make sure its a fresh batch that hasn't been thawed and refrozen, as foul food can kill a nem since they don't taste if the food is good or not.
  14. 10g Nano, What fish to stock?

    Why not a occellaris or percula clown? Otherwise I also would recomend the tail spot blenny, lots of personality and a cute face. Plus they eat algae and mine also ate any frozen food, took a few months but eventually pellets. For more color... But more aggressive as well you could go with a dottyback or pseudochromis which should be the last fish in the tank, yellowtail blue damsel also falls in that catagory
  15. SA marine betta

    Yeah, that betta started out smaller than that clown back in jan lol