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  1. 21093r53

    the last of the livestock

    fish and nem, 5 rastas are all thats left
  2. 21093r53

    Brad's ADA-ZEO 60p | New pictures! 0603

    i should've hit you up i was down at the grand hyatt on monday ><
  3. 21093r53

    the last of the livestock

    take the whole lot for 75 bucks!
  4. 21093r53

    the last of the livestock

    fully expanded approx 6 inches in diameter. TTT I need all this gone by saturday morning.
  5. I took all my sps over to my buddies house earlier and have separated the pieces I am keeping into another aquarium, here is the rest. Wild black perc with a light green/purple tipped BTA -$35 Garrets Exquisita version 2 this is a frag which grew on the rock, this is whats left. A good amount has encrusted. -$20 Whatever these zoas are called -$10 Two frags of this grown from a wild frag, six people have it. -$20/frag each frag has multiple branches One frag of this, known as chernobyl lightning 12 people have this one. ten rastas -$40 local pickup around 21093 please, I dont have time to ship livestock right now.
  6. here are some pics of the bulb and reflector
  7. JBJ/SP3000 ATO SOLD TTT im open to offers!
  8. its 220 shipped, all i was trying to do was make up for what my puppy did sorry dude my bad. yes
  9. haha coco is not for sale its a wave maker because i dropped the price? incase you are actually interested and not just spamming a thread i found an extra wheel. so lets say 220 shipped yesterday was my birthday a little bit of a blur but pm replied
  10. TTT will take offers, need this gone.
  11. 21093r53

    Live Pico Stream TEST

    Slow but working good work