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  1. From my research the best bet is going to be t5..... I could do some Chinese black boxes but ehhhh
  2. Yeah I figured that. May go t5. I wanted a single fixture just for the cleanness factor
  3. 36"x36"x24" Eurobraced.... Looking at LED Fixtures, anything have that kind of spread? Where is Jedi the LED guy when you need him....
  4. I am breaking down my 26g tank due to work and it getting GHA and bubble that is out of control. I was thinking of throwing the Biobrick in the sump to get some bacteria on it and moving it my 10g I am going to set up to hold my fish while I nuke this god dam 26. hmmm decisions decisions
  5. Don't Judge me... It is not everyday you see a LG tv kick a humans ass.
  6. How are you liking the bio brick. I have been going back and forth on it
  7. Jesus
  8. The 50 would be nice. But dam they are demanding some $$$ for that. I am hoping the C View has a better chamber setup. The IM leaves you limited.
  9. My original Nano box caught fire. I guess I should buy a new one.
  10. Its just a little high on the price. You can score a newer Duo on here for 140 Shipped all day long.
  11. Yep I am selling my Tank and Sump set up. Pain in the ass. Maybe I go a IM25 Lagoon or wait for the Cobalt AIO to come out. Learned that is was pushed back to April.
  12. And I want to tell you how much I hate Sump set ups! I hate sump set-ups. Going to get my ass back in a AIO
  13. God Dammit. I think I want to try one of these out over a IM one. I am almost just going say F them and move on.
  14. I take it this can't be sent in to you for updating lmao
  15. Sent you a PM