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  1. I am breaking down my 26g tank due to work and it getting GHA and bubble that is out of control. I was thinking of throwing the Biobrick in the sump to get some bacteria on it and moving it my 10g I am going to set up to hold my fish while I nuke this god dam 26. hmmm decisions decisions
  2. Don't Judge me... It is not everyday you see a LG tv kick a humans ass.
  3. How are you liking the bio brick. I have been going back and forth on it
  4. Jesus
  5. The 50 would be nice. But dam they are demanding some $$$ for that. I am hoping the C View has a better chamber setup. The IM leaves you limited.
  6. My original Nano box caught fire. I guess I should buy a new one.
  7. Its just a little high on the price. You can score a newer Duo on here for 140 Shipped all day long.
  8. Yep I am selling my Tank and Sump set up. Pain in the ass. Maybe I go a IM25 Lagoon or wait for the Cobalt AIO to come out. Learned that is was pushed back to April.
  9. And I want to tell you how much I hate Sump set ups! I hate sump set-ups. Going to get my ass back in a AIO
  10. God Dammit. I think I want to try one of these out over a IM one. I am almost just going say F them and move on.
  11. I take it this can't be sent in to you for updating lmao
  12. Sent you a PM
  13. The fixture is not made for corals. Dude return this. For the 65$ you paid for this. You could of got a par bulb and had a nice light
  14. Crap filter return it. Get a ac 70
  15. Can't find it