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  1. Harry’s Reefer: Low-tech NO- tech :(

    Great looking tank.
  2. Singlefin's MakersLed 40B

    Wow. This thread needs some updating.
  3. LEDs without starboard

  4. Where does your aquarium's saltwater come from?

    Natural seawater. Straight from the source.
  5. LEDs without starboard

    Ugh. Can I just get ones on the starboard and remove them? . Like this one. Or the 3-ups?
  6. LEDs without starboard

    Do you sell LEDs without the starboard. I'm trying to replace some burnt out lights on my Apollo reef led fixtures. They look like the ones on the 3ups and OCW's.
  7. Return for a 40B

    eheim 1260.
  8. Duncans Look Sick - Please Help

    They look fine.
  9. Hawaii Zoas

    Nice stuff
  10. Beware the Shallows

    nice looking rock. i cure mine and still get some hitchhikers. mainly unwanted seaweeds. looking good.
  11. Tank is looking awesome. Nice frags too.
  12. BUYERS WATCH OUT! Beware glennr1978!

    This blows. Read this whole thread expecting to see pics. So much effort for $25. Now I want to see these purple Acans. Where can I find your other frags?
  13. New clam

    Do you dip or quarantine new clams?
  14. Kate's 40b Build

    Are you planning on drilling it while full of water?
  15. Stagnant saltwater

    sure.. so long as its in a sealed clean container.