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  1. I agree, very clean look!!! Great work...
  2. that is freakin' awesome!!! nice pic too...what kind of camera?
  3. here...a funny spoof....WHAT EDISON SEES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (that is if you are on Edison Electricity) haha...My apt. is setup similar...Open the door, and walah!!! Tank in your face!!!! The way it should be.
  4. plain 'ol yellow mustard polyps...grow like freakin' weeds
  5. Go For It TIGAH!!!!! Hey, if you like it, ink it!!! What better way to express yourself...Look at mine
  6. very nice...who did the work???I need to have one made to fit my stand
  7. same setup that I use...a reptile rain dripper...works good too...
  8. any for sale?
  9. very nice pic!!
  10. still have my tonga blues available
  11. i live in so cal and would like to pick some up...i need 15 of them...i can come out saturday and get them...let me know
  12. did the package sell?
  13. i use marine plankton with cyclops eeze by liquid life usa, and coral plankton also by the same people and my reef creatures love the stuff...i think you can go to www.liquidlifeusa.com to check it out
  14. wow!!! i was selling a whole colony of tonga blues for $100 (that has 13 shrooms on the rock)
  15. i will know by tomorrow...& will let you know then