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  1. F/S Canon G6 ... Gauging Interest???

    hello all...an evening bump...$400 including priority mail shipping
  2. F/S Canon G6 ... Gauging Interest???

    my cutter will cut the "average" font down to 3/8" at the smallest...it says 1/2", but I have done smaller by just a bit.
  3. Nassarius Snail and Black Sand

    just use nassarius vibex and a sand sifting star you should be good...you may also want to use a ladder/sleeper goby or similar cleaner...I had black sand and those were exactly what I used to keep it nice...
  4. F/S Canon G6 ... Gauging Interest???

    Just smaller sized stuff. I originally had a stika 8" and as soon as people knew I could cut decals, the demand was on...So I bought a Lynx 12" machine to get a bit more serious, and so far so good. It is still much more of a hobby with minimal profits, but I am starting to see the very serious potential!!! I do want to get a 24" machine though...wish I would have bought one in the 1st place, but I really am out of room for anymore hardware until I move in a week!!! Then it's on!! What kind of stuff do you do equalizer?
  5. System For Sale

    damn!!! only one I've ever seen like it too!!! Well, you win some, ya lose some...
  6. I have a Canon G6 camera that I am considering selling off to finally take the plunge into digital SLR photography...I am just gauging interest here as many need and like a good camera to shoot nice pix of their tanks with. It is like 7 months old, has 3 memory cards...1) Sandisk Ultra II 512mb, 1) Lexar 4x 256mb, and 1) Canon 32mb. I also have the Canon case, and the optional remote. I will include the manual on cd-r since mine was destroyed (kids spilled soda on it), all the original software, the charger, battery, cables, etc. It is absolutely clean and has always been cared for. I am just looking to upgrade. This cost me $700 plus the extras, but I am asking $400 plus shipping (you choose your type of shipping at your cost). I do accept paypal with no costs passed on to you.
  7. System For Sale

    that SUX!!! delicate fish...How's that mantis doing?
  8. System For Sale

    Thanks FLYHIGH123!!!! Very cool guy to work with!!!!No BS, just came out, liked what he saw, and bought it!!! Thanks for the great transaction!!
  9. System For Sale

    you have a pm joe
  10. use a piece of tracing paper in front of the flash, it diffuses the light. if it is still pronounced, fold it a ctime or 2
  11. System For Sale

    $650 takes it all right now!!!
  12. What type of camera do you use?

    Here is a shot of my pink my pink hammer taken with my Canon G6 no attacments or alterations.
  13. System For Sale

    New pic update!!!! This is now missing the corals sold.