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  1. Bought brand new from BRS @ 8/25/14 while I was setting up my tank. It's been running for about 3 months now. I was having issue's with micro-bubbles & no time to fidget with it. Ended up going with a different skimmer. I have the original box & everything. I'm at work, so I'll take a few pictures later on. $140shipped OBO http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/auqa-gadget-skimmate-midsize-ghost-skimmer-innovative-marine-bf8af7399db538a24dd5e9ce48e562d2.html also have IM Fusion Intank 30L/40 Media Basket I bought 2 of these & decided against having a fuge, so I have an extra now. Used for few months. Still have original box. $SOLD http://www.shop.mediabaskets.com/Innovative-Marine-Fusion-30L-40-Media-Basket-IM40MR.htm
  2. Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium SR 80 Build

    My first tank was a CADlights 50g. I was one of the lucky ones & everything arrived non-broken and fine. The customer service though was pretty terrible. Although, this was 2 years ago, so I don't know if they improved.
  3. The Innovative Marine Nuvo Index Thread

    http://www.lerussodesigns.com/ Little on the expensive side, but very clean looking :0 It hides the wire inside the tube.
  4. The Innovative Marine Nuvo Index Thread

    My Fusion 40L ( cycling ) I pre-ordered the intank media baskets :0
  5. Lots of nice frags forsale

    $25pp for utter chaos!! wow!!
  6. Yes they are! One of the mini nems disappeared the other day. I thought he was a goner, LOL. I then found him on a frag plug MUCH higher up. the rock nem bubbles up at night like a nuclear bomb. I should take a picture of it one night.. it's so bizarre
  7. mine never fought with other fish.. every once in awhile they'd chase one another. One actually went missing the other day. I assume he's dead