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  1. Anyone know what this could be? It sorta blows around in the current a little bit, kinda stringy looking
  2. I have not tested before my water change yet, I will make sure I do that more frequently to see how quick everything is used. Also, this is my first and only SPS so I had assumed it was impossible for it to consume that much calc and alk between water changes. I will do a better job at monitoring my calc and alk, I didn't think this moni would absorb that much but I'm probably wrong about that. I think I will also move it closer to the light now that its fully acclimated
  3. after my last water change when I checked (6 days ago), my calc was roughly 400 and my alk was about 8. I started using reef crystals when I added the monti to the tank, so I've only had two 30% water changes (every two weeks) with the new salt.
  4. Hello, about a month ago I received a Tyree L.E. Montipora Undata frag. The polyps have been out since day 1, however the colors don't look like what I expected. It's improved since I received it, but not by much. I have it at the very top of my tank, but not directly under my Kessil. This is my first SPS. This is what it's supposed to look like: This is what mine looks like: This should show the location a little better:
  5. Bad news, when I got home yesterday my clam was a goner. 90% of the mantel was gone and it was not responsive to shadows. This is the first loss I've had since starting 😞
  6. What are your current 3 and what are the others you are planning? I've always wanted a jawfish so I was thinking about getting one of those or another bottom feeding fish like a yellow watchman goby. Any suggestions?
  7. Hey, lovely tank. How many fish do you keep in your lagoon? I have one also, I currently have 4 fish (2 clowns, firefish, and blenny) and was thinking about a fifth. Would this be too much? I have a few inverts as well.
  8. The clam is roughly 2.5 inches. Keeping nitrates up hasn't been a problem, I usually have 10-15ppm lol. I plan on feeding some reef roids tomorrow also.
  9. New additions: -Maxima clam -Rock flower anemone -Hammer When everything opens up I'll post more pics
  10. Update: my tank has been battling cyano for a couple of weeks, my guess is that I've been overfeeding. I've been feeding less and I got some Phosguard and Purigen to run in my overflow chambers.
  11. Yes, the 20lb box was all I used and I broke some of the pieces to make the shapes I wanted. The gyre has been great, I only use it on 20%, any more than that and it will blow my sand around. I got it so I can use it on a larger tank one day.