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  1. A few weeks ago I added my favorite fish, a pearly jawfish and he has been so much fun to watch. I also got a couple of pom pom crabs, but haven't been able to get a picture yet.
  2. I have the same tank as you.. my firefish is pretty much my show fish.. always out in the open swimming with/against the current all day long. In the future I'd love to have 2 firefish that swim together. my other fish stay in their areas (2 clowns, tailspot blenny, & jawfish)
  3. I will post an update this weekend, everything has been great! and I love my conch, but I've only had him a few months so I guess time will tell.
  4. Both fish have been acting pretty normal
  5. I've had my tank set up for a little while now.. I am a gambling man and never quarantined any of my 4 current fish, 1) due to space limitations and 2) ignorance. Like most lessons in life, things are usually learned by experience. I have a small Jawfish from divers den being delivered on Saturday, and I'm also worried that a couple of my current fish are showing signs of flukes or something else nasty. 1) yesterday I noticed my firefish has a torn up side fin and a medium sized white growth near the dorsal fin. I'm hoping this is just fin rot or a crab injury, which can be healed with melafix. I also bought some kent marine garlic xtreme, my local petco/petsmart had no other good medications available. (I have a picture of the side fin, I don't have a picture of the white spots yet) 2) 2 days ago I noticed my tail spot blenny has a couple of medium sized white spots, however it does not look like a growth. maybe just a scratch from a rock or coral sting.. picture in second post. Ive read the stickies and articles about setting up quarantine tanks and rushed to the store yesterday. -5g tank w/ mechanical filter (will use filter floss inside) -10w heater -air pump -something for fish to hide in -melafix -garlic I still need to buy some copper meds and prazipro just in case this is flukes or ich. ok, now I have questions. 1) I need to use this 5g tank to heal my sick fish with melafix/other meds and to quarantine my new Jawfish. how should I do this? the small tank will be crowded. 2) biological filter, can I use a week old filter floss from my display tank? how often should I replace this with new dirty floss from my DT? 3) should I even use melafix on my blenny and firefish? or just my firefish? or neither? I don't have any other medicine, but will try to find some today. 4) can I combine medications? Melafix, prazipro, and copper treatment?
  6. kinda looks like worms but not totally sure
  7. Hmm maybe that's what it is.. I also had someone tell me a coral could have stung him
  8. Hello I have recently noticed my tailspot blenny has some sorta big white spots on his side. What could this be? I think ich would be smaller spots?
  9. after reading this thread, I just realized that I NEVER have turned my heater off during a water change.. never even thought about it until now, my heater has never done anything weird *knocks on wood* guess I'll need to start doing this lol
  10. I used caribsea life rock and I love it. Check out my journal if you are interested. I know you said you don't like painted rock, but the paint on this is actually a bacteria to help you cycle and become live. the rock eventually loses some color until coralline algae replaces it.
  11. Can anyone ID this worm? Also, any idea what the spiral worm-looking thing is? I have a few of them on my back wall.
  12. Anyone know what this could be? It sorta blows around in the current a little bit, kinda stringy looking
  13. I have not tested before my water change yet, I will make sure I do that more frequently to see how quick everything is used. Also, this is my first and only SPS so I had assumed it was impossible for it to consume that much calc and alk between water changes. I will do a better job at monitoring my calc and alk, I didn't think this moni would absorb that much but I'm probably wrong about that. I think I will also move it closer to the light now that its fully acclimated
  14. after my last water change when I checked (6 days ago), my calc was roughly 400 and my alk was about 8. I started using reef crystals when I added the monti to the tank, so I've only had two 30% water changes (every two weeks) with the new salt.
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