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  1. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Thanks for the compliments everyone! For the 'scape, I started with the basic idea of using a wide base with a large central pillar attached, and a variety of shelves coming off the pillar. I bought a combination of shelf and key-largo rock from MarcoRocks, as well as one of their "Prime Cuts' to use as a base (I told Marc what I was intending to do and he picked out an appropriate sized one for me. Then is was just a matter on situating each rock one-by-one where I wanted it and then bonding the structure with E-Marco400 mortar. I used leftover rocks, stacked paper cups, zip ties, and various other odds and ends to form a sort of scaffold to hold each rock in place as the mortar dried. I generally allowed 1 and 2 hours for the mortar to set before moving onto the next rock. Also, the whole thing was assembled outside of the tank and then, lowered inside after everything was dry.
  2. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Picked up a few new frags recently: Tubbs Blue Zoas Dragon Eye Zoas Valentines Day Massacre Palys
  3. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Thanks adinsxq! Now time for an update: The tank has now been up and running for about a month and is fully cycled. Ph swings were pretty crazy until settling in the 8.0-8.2 range about a week ago. I added a clean-up-crew from Reef Cleaners along with some macro algae in the 'fuge. I also added the first coral and inhabitant last Friday. Check 'em out below: Display Refugium: Coral Banded Shrimp: Originally I had planned on going with a cleaner shrimp, but after seeing the CBS in action at the LFS, I couldn't resist (not to mention that someone bought all of the cleaner shrimp 5 minutes before I walked in the store). Pipe Organ Coral (Tubipora musica): These pics were taken 24hrs after adding the coral to the tank. Clean Up Crew (from Reef Cleaners, thanks for hooking it up John!): Got lots of freebies in this one. View from the right side: View from the left side: And finally, a full tank shot: More corals and livestock coming soon!
  4. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    So my cycle appears to be complete in just over 1 week. Of course I cheated a bit. The process went as follows: Started with ~28# dry rock and 20# Arag-Alive Fiji-pink live sand Added a full dose of Dr. Tim's One and Only Dosed ammonium chloride until ammonia level reached 3ppm Waited for ammonia and nitrite to drop back to 0ppm Repeated steps 3 and 4 Repeated once more to make sure ammonia and nitrite levels stabilized at 0ppm in 24hrs or less Talk about an instant cycle. I expected the addition of One and Only would jump start it a bit, but didn't expect it to happen that quickly. Quality product. I went ahead and ordered a quick crew from Reef Cleaners for delivery this Saturday. I'll probably continue to dose ammonium chloride for the next couple of days to ensure params remain stable then do a sizable water change on Friday. If I notice any issues I'll push the delivery back a week.
  5. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Many thanks! That is the result of numerous hours of watching mortar dry. At one point I got impatient and tried to move ahead while waiting for a bond to dry. Needless to say I flinched while positioning a rock and demolished the whole structure. Set me back a full 8 hours. Learned my lesson to take things slow after that.
  6. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Here you go. Final part of the build: hooked up the ATO reservoir behind the stand using a slim line water container. Also finished up the 'scape. Check it out: Front view Front right: Left side: Right side: Close-up: I was going for a bonsai-style central pillar with lots of open room around it to take advantage of the cube shape. The tank is on the corner next to a hallway and is easily view-able from 3 sides. Note that there are a few random pieces of live rock scattered around the dry rock which will be removed once the dry rock is seeded.
  7. Hermits or no hermits?

    Thanks for the quick replies everyone! Hermits it is.
  8. Hermits or no hermits?

    I'm ordering a clean-up crew from Reef Cleaners this week for my 34 Solana and was wondering what your opinions are on adding hermit crabs to the main display (they sell quick crews w/ and w/o hermits). Any issues I should be aware of? I have a 'fuge I can toss any trouble makers into if necessary.
  9. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    I believe the person in the link made one out of glass with a single hole drilled through it. Now that I think about it, I would be wary of trying to bond acrylic to glass outside of the tank. A glass one would be fairly simple to make though - probably even easier than acrylic. Technically it would only need 3 sides + a bottom with a hole drilled in it for the standpipe. I think the guy in the link used a piece of black acrylic as a false back inside the tank to make the overflow "teeth".
  10. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Haha, you might want to add some drip loops in that birds nest somewhere. Or buy some wire duct to keep everything organized. Big update coming this weekend. I've been excessively busy at work, and have been out of town the last few weekends, so I haven't had a chance to snap any new pics. On the plus side, the build is done (finally), the 'scape is finished, and I am about a week into cycling. New FTS coming soon (with saltwater this time). As far as the recess goes, you could mount the overflow box externally and silicone it in place. Check out this build where someone did exactly that.
  11. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Thanks! Now what to do with all those wires?
  12. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Rear view:
  13. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Sump installed, plumbed, and ready to go... The sump inlet is designed with a sliding disconnect for easy maintenance: FTS after install:
  14. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Sump pics, as promised: Rear view, wires everywhere... The flow to the refugium is driven by the main pump and controlled by a ball valve on the Loc-line: Eshopps magnetic probe holder with titanium grounding probe and temp. probe (Ph probe will be added soon). Float switches on opposite side:
  15. Solana³: The Remix ft. Hydronaut

    Thanks! The drilling went off without a hitch. I also had an entertaining exchange with the girl working the front office in my building when picking up this past shipment: Me: I believe I had a package come in today Her: Yes, you did. Hold on just a minute...[walks to back, and returns awkwardly carrying a heavy box] Her: What's in the box, bricks?? Me: Rocks, actually... Her: *laughs* (obviously thinks I'm joking) Me: Actually, there really are rocks in the box. [points to shipping label with "Marco Rocks" printed on it] Me: It's for the reef tank (since I have a constant stream of packages coming in, incl. a 60lb box of salt, they all know what the deal is)