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  1. New MH Bulb Won't Start

    Hi All, I just installed a new Elos Spectra Chrome metal halide bulb to replace the stock bulb in my JBJ 28g NanoCube hood. When I turn it on it makes an intermittent snapping sound and glows faintly green, but it doesn't start. Any ideas why not? I checked with the Reef Squad at Marine Depot before I bought it and was assured that it would work with the stock ballast. Is that not true? Is it in backwards? I know, dumb question but you never know. Is the bulb simply defective? Thanks in advance for your thoughts, Mike
  2. Cladiella expiring?

    A short update... The coral seems to be shedding a layer of mucus and showing a hint of it's old color in a few small spots. I siphoned it off (having read that such sheddings can irritate other corals) and am hoping for the best. Your experience is welcome, Mike
  3. Cladiella expiring?

    Hi All, I have a once beautiful Cladiella sp. that seems to be crashing almost overnight. It was once full and magnificent, throwing off branches that attach and grow themselves (I trade them for stuff at the local LFS, Boston area members may have them for free if you pick them up). Those branches are all flourishing but the parent is a horrible blue-grey. it looks like a branch that has been without light for a while. Only change to tank are two Acropora (they are not too happy but doing adequately), params are all good. Is this a cyclical issue that will just go away? I have leathers that seem to get moody off and on. Could it be the neighbors? There is a Euphyllia downstream that is getting bigger and is close but not touching as far as I have seen. Are the Acroporas emitting something? Again, the parent colony is the only one suffering. Any suggestions are welcome. I can post pix if that helps. Thanks to all, Mike
  4. PhosLock Halts Skimming?

    Both the skimmer and the reactor draw from, and return to, the same water source: the space behind a false back of the aquarium. It is maybe 3 gallons max. This is in a JBJ Nanocube 28. Skimmer is on one side of the central filter basket, reactor is pulling from the other side of the filter basket and returning to the skimmer side (I thought it better not to return to the same place the reactor was pulling from). Its not a lot of water and is well mixed by the action of the filter basket and two return pumps.
  5. PhosLock Halts Skimming?

    I recently added a Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor 150 to my tank and almost immediately my skimmer stopped producing. I was very careful to rinse out the media and am sure that I got virtually all of the dust out before running it in the tank. Water flow through the reactor is very light, just enough to "disturb" the media so I a pretty sure it is not grinding itself up. Nevertheless, its been almost a week now and still no foam. Is that something I should expect? Or should I be looking for another problem? I will say that the skimmer has never produced a lot of skimmate. I only have a few fish and a small cleanup crew in the tank and am very judicious with feeding. I have a hard time believing there is *nothing* to skim, but one can always hope! Any and all thoughts are welcome! Thanks in advance, Mike
  6. To URBANEKS - JBJ Top Off Setup

    Hi Brad, I want to thank you again for the Pure Nano filter basket. It fits perfectly and has already done a great job clarifying the water. I could not be happier with it! I did see that you invested in a JBJ Top Off Controller and am wondering how you set up the switches. I have been using the pump controller that came with my tank to periodically alternate the pumps. It gives a nice effect in the tank, but I can't see how to use the top off controller as the reservoir on each side will be up and down depending on which pump is on. Do you have the same setup, or do you leave your pumps on constantly? Incidentally, I have upgraded my pumps to the MaxiJet 1100 utility pumps, similar to what you did, as well as added an in-tank circulation pump. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice you (and others) may have. Thanks in advance, Mike