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  1. FS: Ecoxotic 12k PAR 38 bulb

    Price dropped to $40 shipped.
  2. This bulb is in great condition. I'm asking $50 shipped, obo. Take a look at the pictures and PM if interested. The second picture is to show the color it gives on an aquarium. Thanks, Cody
  3. FS: Tank Break Down, Selling Everything

    Updates! The heater and Nanocustoms bulb have sold and the Ecoxotic bulb is basically gone (not quite, though). I've done some research and have concluded that the test kit is way too old to be used, so I've thrown it away. I have decided to keep the salt for a project I'm starting in the near future (a fully sealed, semi-self containing marine biome - should be quite interesting). The auto-top-off is the only thing available. I'm pretty firm on the price, but I'm willing to let it go for $25 shipped if bought before Friday (as in, I have payment on PayPal before Saturday 12:00 a.m.). I think this is a fair price given the value. I have also added a picture of if, just for reference. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to PM me! Happy reefing! - Cody
  4. I shut down my pico a while back and am just getting around to selling some of the things. They are in great condition. Everything includes shipping. PM for any questions or pictures. - Cody Ecoxotic PAR38 12k LED: 3, 6500k white 2, 455nm blue used for 3 months, for ~ 8 hrs/day $60 Auto-Top-Off System: built myself (purchased from AquaHub) very safe to use (built-in 12V relay, so very little power actually travels through the float sensor) worked flawlessly for over 6 months needs a water pump to complete system (preferably a low flow pump, like Toms Aqualifter) $30 Link to ATO picture: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5203X17kSLYcnFlX1B0ZW9jcTQ/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Chadf, I've definitely considered ARC, but I'm not a member and think it would be pretty weird just joining then asking to babysit my tank. And then I would have to consider some sort of payment. zrogst, that's a pretty good idea. I don't really have any "favorite" pieces, but everything I have is quite large, so if I sold the colonies back I'm sure I could get a pretty penny for it. And there would be a new generation of equipment, so I guess just selling what I have would be the best thing to do. Thanks for the help guys! Just wanted to get other peoples opinions.
  6. ac20 question

    I just measured my AC 20 and it has 1" spacing, so I think you should be fine for 3/4". - Cody
  7. As the title states, I will most likely be studying abroad in Australia in a little over a year for about 5-6 months, if everything goes to plan. My concern is what to do with my pico? Its a little over 2 years old and it's my "baby", obviously. What do I do? Shut it down? Find someone to take care of it, even though I know no one in my area that's an aquarist? Shut it down now so not to prolong the inevitable? I'm pretty crossed about what I should do. Any advice is welcome, whether its from experience or not. Thanks, Cody
  8. Sounds pretty cool. Good luck with your endeavors! - Cody
  9. Haha, sorry about that. My only complaint is that I wish I would have bought the 12K. After having an aquarium for a while my preferences have slipped away from the 20k range toward the 10k range. Good work, though. I love your lights. Are you still involved in LED lighting? - Cody
  10. Yea, I think its definitely a fair price. And its a great article on a great lamp, in my opinion. I think I've given up on selling it. I'm probably just going to keep it. I can put it to use somehow, I'm sure. Its still a wonderful piece of equipment.
  11. rb1685, If you really don't want it could you just hold on to it and then sell it with your BioCube 14 some time in the future when you shut the tank town (assuming you don't keep the tank forever, haha!). That way its kind of like a "package deal" thing, which would more than likely be easier to sell. And yes, you guys are right. But at the same time, like rb1685 said, we're not here to make money. So if it doesn't go for the price I want, I'll just keep it in the closet. Who knows, maybe I can use it as an accent light on a larger tank on down the line some where. - Cody
  12. I'm in the same boat, my friend. I have "an ol' Nanocustoms" PAR 38. I've got it listed for $70 shipped, but I'm afraid that no body's interested. Its in great condition, low hours, and i paid over $120 brand new. Worst case i will just keep it. Look at it this way, we would have a piece of Evil's original LED technology. Kind of nostalgic. - Cody
  13. 2 "warm white" Cree XR-E LED's (as opposed to "cool white") 3 450nm blue Cree XR-E LED's 60 degree optics (I think...they changed the standard optics a couple of times) If you go here they have a full review of the light and its PAR values. It was run 10 hrs. a day for 5-6 months. - Cody