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  1. F.S. macro algaes

    Do you have any Caulerpa prolifera left?
  2. FS Maxspect 60w Razor 16k

    Why are you switching lights, is this one to small or not enough par?
  3. Just uploaded some pics. Sorry for the water spots. LOL Just finished a little clean up.
  4. I'll post some a little later tonight sorry.
  5. Located near Charlottsville, Virginia. They have been paired for 8-9 months. Local pick up only.
  6. Which primer and glue to use?

    Thanks guys, that is what i thought, but i didn't want to make a huge mistake and ruin my new setup. Thanks for the super fast responses, hope i will get to post pics of the build i will be doing.
  7. I am going to start pluming my first sump soon. I am going to get my bulkheads and drill bits from bulkreefsupply. I see they have glue and primer on the website, but it $15 a pint. I could get it from Lowes for both for half that. My main question is the regular stuff at Lowes not aquarium safe, or just be safe and get the glue from BRS. http://www.lowes.com/pd_23467-138-31018L_0__?productId=4750803&Ntt=oatey&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Doatey&facetInfo= Thanks.
  8. Help on id please

    I only have two frags( a Kenya tree and a orange zoa). It is a 10 gallon tank so a restart would not be that expensive, I have new sand and heater. I should be able to soak the hob filter in vinegar and my ecotech to kill the ones on them. All I should need is new rock. Also some of my clean up crew has the snails growing on them, what should I do about them. I have two clowns and a yellow tail damsel, is the only thing I really have to worry about. I guess the best thing to do is move the fish and the rock into a spare 10 gallon. Then clean and start the cycle in my display. I should be able to go bare bottom for the time being while the other tank cycles. Any other suggestion?
  9. Help on id please

    Also if I remove the rock should I wait to place a new one until I get the snails gone. Will the sand be enough to take the bio load while I wait
  10. Help on id please

    Yea there is no corals on the rock. I don't have a problem getting a new rock, just what about the ones that are growing on my hob filter, heater and a couple frags I have. Just crape them of till they don't come back? I will look into this crab, may help save my few frags till I get them gone!!!
  11. Help on id please

    This is the only rock in my tank, you think it would be best to get a new rock or treat this one. The tank has been neglect for the last couple months. Been cleaning it up the last 2 weeks
  12. Help on id please

    There was only few, but now there everywhere. They have string like stuff that they send out and stick on everything.
  13. So i added my 2nd clown. When i put him in, my 1st clown was very aggression toward it. It bit the 2nd by the back fin and held it hostage. So i netted my 1st and left it in the net( it was able to swim) for about 30 minutes. During that time the 2nd got to look around and swam around mostly around the 1st ( with my net barrier). After the 1st clown settled down when the 2nd swam around the net and showed no aggression toward the 2nd, i let him out! Preparing to re-net, but then they seamed calm toward each other( at the moment). Now i'm waiting, Is there anything else I should do or just wait till they pair?
  14. 420nm Or 460nm For my t5.

    I didn't know if there was a greater benefit with one or the other. This is still my first saltwater year and a half old now a decided to change the bulbs out for new one. Thanks for the posts.
  15. 420nm Or 460nm For my t5.

    I have a 10 gallon tank with a 24" 2 bulb fixture. It has a 12,000k white and a 460nm blue now, but wondering if the 420nm would be a better combo. Thanks