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  1. dried rock with coralline algae

    I would also consider that their a probably quite a bit of organics dried up in the rock if it has color. These organics can/will lead to algae issues later on.
  2. Hangin J 20g Long Reef Build

    Very cool start! I had a rw-4 in my tank and it was plenty of flow even jammed with coral. I look forward to your updates.
  3. Hello all, I'm hoping someone can help me find a red demon pinwheel for my swc-180 w/ a sicce psk-2500... I have tried searching all over but i'm not having any luck. This is the part im looking for http://www.marinedepot.com/AquaMaxx_Large_Red_Devil_Needle_Wheel_for_Sicce_PSK_2500_Skimmer_Pump_Submersible_Aquarium_Pumps_Replacement_Parts_for_Aquariums-AquaMaxx-UJ1313-FIWPSBRP-4-vi.html
  4. Pablo's Rimless 40 Breeder

    Thanks for your input. I glass is not braced and isn't bowing badly. I'm not sure who you are referring to that disappeared but I will be sure to let you guys know if catastrophe strikes.
  5. WTS: Items sold!

    I tried to PM but it said you can't receive any new messages. PM me, I'm interested in one of the radions
  6. Pablo's Rimless 40 Breeder

    Quick update: Added a few more pounds of LR to the display tank and I believe I'm getting close to the end of the cycle. I have had a diatom bloom come and go and the tank is trucking along great. I'll be leaving for the Bahamas in a couple days, when I get back I'll do a big water change and add a small CUC. I have also toyed with the idea of setting up a nuvo 10 in the office but more on that later.
  7. Float or sensor ato

    I really like my Tunze 3155 Osmolator with the laser sensor for peace of mind when I'm out of town. If you don't travel a lot and check the tank often for algae and snails the float models are fine. Just make sure there is some type of fail safe such as a second float in a float system or a float stopper on a laser system. The only disadvantage to a laser system imo is cost and they don't do well in the DT, they need a calm bubble free area to work properly. I will say all in all if I didn't have my ATO I wouldn't still be reefing. I hope that is helpful
  8. Beginner 20L Reef Tank

    If I could have done it again I would do a sump on my 20 long, the tank dimensions are hard enough to aquascape without the equipment in the display. You don't need a fancy sump, you could even us a rubbermaid. My new tank is drilled and sumped and it wasn't hard at all, I had the same concerns you did. If you don't decide to sump it I would suggest to sticking with powerheads only without the aquaclear... with the volume in that tank it just isn't necessary. My ac70 would dump a good bit of bubbles also. I also echo everyone else on the ATO, I truly didn't enjoy my tank until I got it. Either way, best of the luck with the build.
  9. Odyssey's 40 Breeder (dying off)

    Awesome build, I'm really liking what I'm seeing.
  10. Pablo's Rimless 40 Breeder

    Thank you, I also took a look at your tank and it looks great. You also did a great job of documenting the process!
  11. Pablo's Rimless 40 Breeder

    Thanks. Already ran an extensive leak test while filled and I'm good. Just waiting to get it wet now.
  12. Pablo's Rimless 40 Breeder

    After breaking down my 20 long (up for four and half years) I'm ready for the next reefing project. Current FTS 7/27/16: Slightly different angle 7/27/16 Tank: 40 gallon de-rimmed and drilled for 700 GPH glass-holes overflow and 3/4" return. Equipment: 20 gallon acrylic sump SWC 180 skimmer Tunze 3155 Osmolator 300 watt Mars Aqua fixture Rio 2500 return pump 150 watt Jager heater 308s Temp controller Substrate and rock: 20 LBS Caribsea select-grade Reef Cleaners base rock
  13. Pablo's Cave inspired Mixed Reef

    Unfortunately I had to finally break this tank down. It had an awesome almost five year run. I learned so much over that time it is amazing. Luckily I have another build coming around the corner so stay tuned
  14. 20L macro build thread

    Very cool! I love macros in the DT, it looks so much more natural. Keep up the good work.
  15. 5 gallon peninsula question

    That really depends on your maintenance schedule, can it be done... yes. Is it a good idea, well that all depends. Just keep in mind a 5 gallon tank is not going to be significantly cheaper than a 10 gallon. The saying more is better really holds true for reef systems. Good luck with whichever route you go!