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  1. Wtt high end zoas and acros in Nj area

    I'm from central nj have some good sized green birdsnest if your intrested.
  2. Cree xp-e / xt-e optics problem

    Thanks guys will give it a shot tomorrow, I tried using the thermal adhesive before to hold them on and that was a no go, it does seem like getting rid of the solder around the lens will work, I'll keep it updated with some pics
  3. Hello, having trouble with the optics some will go on some wont at all, is this a common problem and is there a solution? any help would be appreciated. I did a britelux build and had no problem with the optics. These Crees I can't seem to figure out. Thanks
  4. Help getting rid of cyanobacteria!

    I had same problem picked up a couple turbo snails did some water changes and everything was good. Worked like a charm
  5. Safe to add fish?

    How big is your tank I had a six line, damsel, clown and a watchmen in a 29 no problems ever.
  6. Ricordea FS

    Don't hesitate to buy from keydiver, My man has awesome rics at a great price, give them some time to adjust and bang! Thanks again
  7. 668 pound system upstairs

    Believe alot has to do with how the house was built; Are there support beams under the floor exactly where are you placing the tank all comes into play. Just my two cents.
  8. Pistol and watchman

    Mine have stolen a few frag rocks on the sand bed and other rubble. They will create a huge sand storm every now and then remodeling the caves, but then settle down for a bit. Mostly take frags fr his main area of the burrow.
  9. Extending heat sink lenght

    When I did my first led build I useda 15" heatsink over my 30" tank. It's about a foot off the water with 60* optics, it worked well but one corner of the tank was kinda dark. Then bought two more 4x4" heatsink and just hung both of them next to my original one giving it a one big heatsink look. Depending on your driver you could probaly just rewire them into your original string.
  10. Live Rock Help

    Thatpetplace .com has a nice selection of rock been to thier retail store every selection of rock looked great
  11. Great build super clean! way I like to see things done. I have 34 on the same heat sink over my 29 and couldn't be happier with the results. Super clean and nice write up
  12. Removing frag from plug

    Cuttin dikes work well for trimming the plug down. For the circular part of the plug scoring it with a razor blade then cutting with the dikes seems to do a great job.
  13. If anyone could help. Thanks It has a lot of little branches coming out of its back, if that helps.
  14. Reef Keeper Auto Top-off

    I recently purchased one. I have to say it does a great job, I also have never owned another ATO so have nothing to compare it to. I had to do a little modification to the bracket to get it to work for my display tank since I have no sump. Programming it is easy and I have mine set to run for no longer then 15mins at a time just incase a snail makes it stuck open and overflows my tank with rodi water. The float itself is very sensitive and keeps my water perfectly level. I'm also running the toms aqualifter pump with it. The only downside's to the ATO are you HAVE to buy the SL1 port in order to connect it and also have to do the simpliest wiring of the two wires off the float. Other than that I would recommend it, works awsome for me.