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  1. WTB Zoanthids

    I'm in long beach, I got some for sale.
  2. WTT Australomussa rowleyensis for other corals

  3. Not looking for anything in particular, just looking for things that catch my eye. mother colony that i fragged it from. Its still coloring up so expect it to get a lot nicer as it stays in your tank. If you wanna buy it, $100 for local pick up 90810 area. If shipping is involved, will have to wait. Had a little accident with my tank and me accidentally draining 60g of my 70g tank on my floor and have it stored in a friends tank.

    Skimmer pending, forest fire digitata gone, 2 headed rainbow gone.

    My mom got laid off this week and now im the only one in the house with a job. Reefing isnt something i can afford right now, I got a mortgage, as well as, bills to pay -___-. So My tanks are for sale. WILL DROP OFF, COVER FOR GAS. WILL SHIP, BUYERS EXPENSE REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE TAKEN 40g tank: Phase 1 Corals: Australomussa rewleyensis $225 Picked up Dragon ball z zoa 2 head frag (2x) $80 per frag picked up 1 head frag (1x) $40 picked up no pic of it fragged up but they are frag Sunny d Zoa *no pics up yet will add later* 2 head frag (1x) $20 Picked up 1 head frag (2x) $10 picked up Rainbow acans (they have more then 2 colors and idk the name of them got em from ron @ coral obsessions) 1 head $20 Picked up The one on the bottom of the pic is for sale. Branching hammer *no pics up yet will add later* 2 heads $15 Picked up Phase 2 hardware: 1 over flowbox $30 Picked up 2 bulb coralife fixture had new bulbs on it til my gfs kid pulled the light fixture down, old bulbs on it now MUST CHANGE BULBS! $30 Picked up 1 hydor 1400 powerhead $20 Picked up 40g tank never been drilled couple scratches/stand normal wear and tear/30g makeshift sump (id re-do the baffles i ripped it out taking out the bioballs)/rio 1400hf $150 OBO Picked up. Will not part out unless i can find a buyer for each thing. nac3+ skimmer $70 Picked up pending! 240 Gallon acrylic truvu tank. $200 Picked up 2.5g pico tank $40 picked up
  6. My new angler, feeding question

    It isnt too bad, most of the time you feed an angler once every few days. Also just to clarify im not talking bout the big goldfish, just the baby ones at petco next to the minnows.
  7. My new angler, feeding question

    They do eat live, but youd have to mess around with it to get it to eat frozen food. Another thing you could do is buy goldfishes and guppies and feed it that?
  8. fs/ft

    powerhead and ps3 game pending
  9. fs/ft

    Will trade for corals on most stuff including the 240g. Will ship at buyers expense.
  10. fs/ft

    Price is best offer unless noted for sale: New in box, never been used Aqueon 500: The 240g is pre drilled 96x24x24 As much as i want to set this up, its gonna be sitting awhile. Much rather sell it to someone who will put it to use. Will not take anything lower then $240. Abu Garcia: ambassadeur 5600BCX. I only used it 3 times. 60obo PS3: Starwars 2: force unleashed $20 or trade for corals Possibly for sale, looking more to trade. If you make the right offer, ill sell it. I personally havent used it much, run it once a week.: bubble magus nac3+ Will add picture later. Is anyone downgrading their tank size and wanna trade? Im in the process of plumbing my 100g tank and in need of a bigger skimmer. Possibly for sale fuval edge pico 2.5 FREE STUFF Bioballs, i have a bag and a half of these things. I dont need em and dont want em. 1 head of branching hammer, never got better after the heatwave from this pass summer.
  11. looking to trade locally

    Gone please close
  12. SaNChEz's New (USED) Nano 24

    If you ever get rid of that head, id be interested
  13. will my clowns STOP laying eggs

    Why not pick up a 20g and move them into there and breed em?