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  1. Gotcha it's currently the leader. Was also wondering there is a good affordable full spectrum light that's adjustable.
  2. Just gonna be a simple hood to keep down noise and allow me to run open top. if I did the bulb how high should it be mounted? I was also thinking of a Current USA Orbit and have it just above the water in a small hood.
  3. Starting a 10 gallon with a 10 gallon sump. Looking for lighting suggestions for my tank. I'm going to have a hood on the tank so the lights can be suspended was thinking 10" off the water. Would a 35w coral compulsion bulb work and cover the tank? I'm planning on making this a bubble tip anemone tank. So good lighting is needed and I'm trying to keep the costs down.
  4. Would the 35w dimmable be a good choice I'd have to dim it down quite a bit but like the full spectrum.
  5. I'm going to be able to adjust the height so which bulb should I get?
  6. Ya I just saw that leaning on the coral compulsion
  7. Ya trying to figure out who makes good bulbs now.
  8. Going to go on my 3 gallon Marineland Comtour
  9. Donatello For sure was smart and kind of stupid which is always an awesome combo; can solve a problem and create a laugh!
  10. Copper and matte black
  11. Thanks and whats the one in the front there in, in the picture?
  12. Awesome pic man! i just got in to saltwater in September and i have been counting down the months tell i can get my first anemone. Whats the one that there hosting in the pic? and are BTA the best ones to start with ?
  13. Nice Fish get a second and watch them flash each other the color is awesome i have a male and female.