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  1. Gotcha ya I just hate I can't just put in "10 gallon with a sump" and not get a result. I use to get like a Million options before the update. What in getting at is what good did the update do?
  2. The site use to have great results on the search engine and since the update it's gone to shit.
  3. Is it just me or when I want to find something specific now with the searches it always says no results. It use to work for anything and always helped me find answers now I have to be super generic and it doesn't help just finds a lot of bull.
  4. Gotcha it's currently the leader. Was also wondering there is a good affordable full spectrum light that's adjustable.
  5. Just gonna be a simple hood to keep down noise and allow me to run open top. if I did the bulb how high should it be mounted? I was also thinking of a Current USA Orbit and have it just above the water in a small hood.
  6. Starting a 10 gallon with a 10 gallon sump. Looking for lighting suggestions for my tank. I'm going to have a hood on the tank so the lights can be suspended was thinking 10" off the water. Would a 35w coral compulsion bulb work and cover the tank? I'm planning on making this a bubble tip anemone tank. So good lighting is needed and I'm trying to keep the costs down.
  7. Would the 35w dimmable be a good choice I'd have to dim it down quite a bit but like the full spectrum.
  8. I'm going to be able to adjust the height so which bulb should I get?
  9. Ya I just saw that leaning on the coral compulsion
  10. Ya trying to figure out who makes good bulbs now.
  11. Going to go on my 3 gallon Marineland Comtour
  12. Donatello For sure was smart and kind of stupid which is always an awesome combo; can solve a problem and create a laugh!
  13. Copper and matte black
  14. Thanks and whats the one in the front there in, in the picture?