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  1. I have a heavily stocked 25 and I feed 4-5 times a day from an auto feeder. My Phosphates and Nitrates are undetectable w/no visible algae present. Started with Sugar/Vodka but moved to a BRS dual reactor with Carbon/BRS pellets. No Cyno once they dialed in. Took about 5 weeks to migrate from manual dosing. I will not set up a tank again without them. The only maintenance is that every two weeks I clean the sponges in the reactor, change the carbon and do a 5 gallon water change of the 55 gallon total system volume to import depleted salts, Mag/Cal/Iodine etc. Bring a big skimmer, My NAC6a gets full fast with dark skim. I plumbed the reactor off my Mag 9 return and the flow is about 200gpm. The system has gone 6 weeks with no detectible levels of Phosphates and Nitrates and no water changes. By then the flow through the reactor is about half because the sponges are clogged. HTH
  2. I need help on Kalk reactor questions

    Currently I am using a 5 gal ATO reservoir gravity fed to a solenoid and then to a float. The ATO is kalk saturated with no stirrer. It pulls from just under the water line to prevent getting any settled slurry. SPS is growing like mad and ph is rock solid at 8.2. The only down side is that the kalk is less effective as it ages because the mix reacts with the air and I need to dump the slurry when the clear mix is exhausted. If I had a pump fed ATO, I would place the pump higher in the res to get the clear mix and set it to run very frequently. Lastly, I am going to try converting a DI reactor to a stirrer less Kalk Reactor. Calvin415 has had some success and I am a big fan of gravity-powered/pump-less solutions. HTH
  3. So, sounds great. I have a rimless ultraclear glass18" cube with nothing in it but the overflow and return. If I was gonna use a canister I would have followed NinjaFish's lead. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71625 You really have to look to find the bulkheads. I opted for the sump because I wanted a large skimmer. Oh and I love my AI Sol. Good luck
  4. Zer0's 25G Trimless LED Cube

    Hey -Great build. I just finished a build with the same tank with a glass-holes 700 and a 3/4 return. I was looking for high flow rate and a little room in case a snail or fish or other thingy blocks the overflow. For my location, even a small tank overflow would be catastrophic. That brings me to my point. I am looking at your overflow elbow pic and the reducer. I'm also looking at the hose size. It appears that you may be reducing the I.D. from the expected size that the super nano was built to use. If you are, that will slow the flow rate. This means you will have to throttle your pump or get a smaller pump and you will have no margin for error if the overflow gets blocked. Also, I find that if I reduce the flow over my GH overflow, it makes it louder. Disregard if the ID is not reduced. I look forward to tagging along.
  5. Help with 25g system design

    +1 Love Calvin 415's tank. It was part of the reason I went with the AI Sol fixture. I just finished a 25 gal build on an Ikea Stand. Here is what I learned relative to your questions. 1. I am using a BM Na6a in a 20H with the baffles at 12in. 9 In would have been fine but the additional water volume helps. The sweet spot for that skimmer is 9". So I have it on some egg crate. 2. The baffles are over, under, over between the fuge and the skimmer. There are no microbubbles. I move 500gph+ so they try to leave the sump. 3. I am using the 700gph Glass-Holes and love it. It is big enough that if a fish or snail blocks the overflow, the tank will not overflow. Consider this when you decide on your turnover rate. Plan for a bit more. 4. I am using 3/4 in return and a pump that will move over 700gph. I did not max it out. 5. I have a remote ATO which uses a 5 gallon bucket for a reservoir. It is fed by 1/4 in RO tubing and gravity fed. You can run that tiny tubing practically anywhere without it being seen. I dislike filling ATO in stands cause it makes a mess. If under the stand is a must, get something removable and covered. Maybe a jug. 5 gallons is good for 10 days in the humid DC summer. It will never make it a week in the winter here. I will be upgrading to a 20 Gal brute trash can. Hope this helps