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  1. Paigee

    How do we feel about indigo dottybacks?

    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Paigee

    Paigee's 20L Extravaganza!

    We shall see what ends up happening! I just want a fishy!
  3. Paigee

    The 28 Gallon Itch

    That rock looks so cool! And sounds like you had a great trip too
  4. Paigee

    *My broken 40B Mix Reef

    As always, your tank looks fantastic!! So well thought out and executed!
  5. That new scape looks so cool! More pitchers please
  6. I'm so glad everything (for the most part) made it! That is fantastic!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has experience with them? From all accounts I've read through various vendors and forums that came up on google, they are a fairly pleasant addition to nanos. I have a firefish and a two spot blenny, might acquire a pink streaked wrasse in the future. I know first impulse on dottybacks is to say no they're aggressive! But everything I've read about indigo's is that they are pretty peaceful. Thoughts?
  8. Paigee

    Paigee's 20L Extravaganza!

    Sent out an email about the indigo dottyback... Now we wait! Also included a reminder that I still like pink streaked wrasses!
  9. Paigee

    Gabe's 34G Solana

    That fixture is super sleek, and that fish is awesome! I saw your thread about it in the fish section. Any more discussion with the owner over whether you are keeping it or not?
  10. Paigee

    A Wisconsinite Reef

    I like your plan Sounds pretty!
  11. Paigee

    Paigee's 20L Extravaganza!

    I'm trying not to! But it's been so long without even a peep... I'm starting to really like the indigo dottyback... I've googled them and read about them for a few hours last night and all vendors as well as people discussing them on forums said they were mild mannered. My only concern would be adding one before the pink streaked (IF I ever get one, that is) and it becoming aggressive towards the PSW... But on the other hand, am I going to hold my breath forever? Maybe I'll send my LFS an email saying that I'm still interested in the PSW but do they ever get indigos dottybacks? They are on the list on their website so I'm thinking they should. And that would also remind him about the PSW, just incase he forgot.
  12. Paigee

    Smith's Blenny

    Looks like a cool little fish
  13. Paigee

    Paigee's 20L Extravaganza!

    Thank you for your kind words your tanks amazing!