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    55 Gallon mixed reef lit by 2 AI Hydras.

    I work at Saltys of Lake Norman in mooresville NC, come in and say hi if your local. www.saltysoflkn.com
  1. Add on Nano Display Refugium

    So i was messing round with ideas in my head on what i want to do next with my jbj cubey. I used to have a 55 reef with a custom 10 gallon acrylic display refugium in the sump that i loved and wanted to try to bring that to my 3 gallon. one issue.... an overflow for such a small tank solution, sealed system idea. Thinking of using the empty glass bottle from a handle of Kraken Rum, fill with a few inches of sand, some rock rubble that i can fit into the bottle, and some macro algae with the possibility of a small mantis shrimp. cork the top (or a fitted plastic cap if i can match the threads) with two pieces or airline tubing going in (inflow and outflow) Think sealed container sitting on the same surface as the main display, run using a toms aqualifter pump ( not sure if it should go inline on the inflow or outflow relative to the refugium. Anyone do anything like this before?
  2. Flowerput coral, and a dying one a that. considered extremely difficult to keep, most seem to do well fora few months then wither away.

    Personally i have the AI Prime and love it. Tho its only over my 3 gallon cubey...
  4. Cpetroskys Cubey

    just moved the frogspawn up to the top left stuck between the rock and the back wall. will post a pic when it opens up
  5. Cpetroskys Cubey

    Yeah I'm thinking about the new ai prime that's comming out. 200 bucks is a good buy for it I think.
  6. Cpetroskys Cubey

    heres the mystery polychaete worm i found shortly after setting tank back up at my house yesterday. any idea on an ID? docent look like a bristle worm I've ever seen.
  7. Cpetroskys Cubey

    This tank was setup in January 2014 at my work. (saltys aquarium supplies in mooresville, NC) I left saltys in may due to a disagreement on using honest advice to customers instead of pushing a sale with my boss. Tank was setup with just the birds nest and some of the zoos. I forgot about the tank when i quit and focused on my other aquariums at home (55 gallon and an 8 gallon) ended up moving to find another job and sadly had to sell my tanks in the process. several months later i walking into my old work to see what had changed and to my surprise my tank as still there on the front counter. the store ad been maintaining it all this time as a display tank. After talking to my old boss for a bit he asked me if i wanted to take it with me so here i am. Equipment: JbJ aquatics 3 gallon "Cubey" tank in white generation two hydor pico pump stock lighting for now but have plans for an led upgrade (thinking sol nano while maintaining the AIO look. 2.3 lbs live rock and a scoop of sand from one of the other tanks at the store when it was setup. Livestock: Green birds nest (brown with a hint of green under actinics) surviving but not thriving due to lights. zoo's rainbow sakura, dark phoenix, lunar eclipse, goochers, unidentified green/blue plethora. bicolor frogspawn green recordia orange recordia orange mushroom small pice of dragons breath macro scarlet hermit crab trochus snail 2 nassarius vibex one unidentified really long narrow grey polychetete worm (ID anyone? Filtration: stock filter setup with upgraded return pump running no heater for now, my room stays constant at 75 to 77 more photos comming soon
  8. Building a display refugium

    i did the same thing on my 55 with a 10 gallon refugium. i already had a 10 gallon sump so i went with an entirely new acrylic 10 gallon with a dedicated low flow return pump and its own overflow. been running good for 5 months now with a thousand pods in it. haven't added a mantis yet tho it is my eventual plan. just need to find one small enough
  9. Pest Tank!

    while working an an aquarium store i met a friend of mine that has kept a fire worm on purpose for the last year and had a lot of fun with it. She named it sherbet and he's about 1' long at this point. let me see if i can't find some photos
  10. whats a good skimmer for ten gallon sump?

    i have a marieneland 100 on my 55 and i like it for a compact skimmer.
  11. Any Charlotte, NC Reefers on NR?

    me and dtitus1 are both from Mooresville NC. I work at an LFS up here called saltys, 10-15$ frags in an 80 rimless. have lunar eclipse and magicians zoanthids in stock.
  12. Best reef safe wrasse overall?

    yellow corks wrasse. i have a 4.5" one in with sexy shrimp in my 55 with no issues.
  13. Plate Coral Receding

    nothing at all. all parameters were normal and nothing had been changed in the tank in 4 months
  14. Plate Coral Receding

    sometimes it seems plate corals just wither for no apparent reason. i lost mine after 2 years over a period of weeks and found never figure it out.
  15. aqueon elvove 4 question

    70 might work with modification. check the lengths on the filter and the back wall and see