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  1. My favorite coral would have to be any of the many variants of ricordea. -Wizzy
  2. Breeding Bangaii Cardinals

    Yeah, but it doesn't make it any less insulting that he or she could say something like that. It is the internet, so I'm not going to go and cry over it, but I had to say what I said. Thanks anyway Mike, I may end up trying it if I can find time in between working on my other tanks.
  3. Breeding Bangaii Cardinals

    What the heck is everyones problem? How can any of you say how much I know? And why would any of you reply to such an old thread? I probably have a better idea on how to breed marine animals than any of you, but just because I feel that perhaps asking the community what they think of an IDEA I get a bunch of insulting replies. /thread /mods delete if you want
  4. I love it when people come over and get to see my tank and I think that we all just need to understand that everyone isn't as advanced when it comes to our wonderful hobby- I try and ignore the "There's Nemo" comments. On the other hand, I haven't had as many issues with young humanoids putting their hands all over my babies either. Thanks for sharing
  5. What are these?

    Halimedia (macro algae), brown rhodactis (mushroom), bleached? bubble tip anenome, brown palythoas, and maybe a toadstool coral up on top.
  6. Hand feeding - anyone do it?

    I hand feed them sometimes, but then I regret it, because when I put my hand/arm in the tank I automatically feel the nips of clownfish and the crawly crawlers of cleaner shrimp lol.
  7. My favorite coral is ricordea florida
  8. AI Vega Or Maxspect Razor?

    I just bought a Kessil 360W and I love it. However, if I had gone with one of your choices it would've been the Razor, because of the price, high # of LEDs, great cooling system, look, and fact that it comes with legs so no need to hang from ceiling.
  9. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Great info, thanks!
  10. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Hey, I'm setting up a Macro tank too, and was wondering where you're getting your stuff from?

    Google "Mermaid's Cup Algae". Possibly that.
  12. Do you like robots?

    Cool, but- It's expensive, it can only clean one side of the glass, it's an eye sore due to its large size and location, and it forces the aquarist to leave a large area of space in front of glass empty so it doesn't hit anything. Other than that, it's pretty cool, but I definitely think they can do better.
  13. Kessil Coupon

  14. Kessil Coupon