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  1. How did you achieve this look? Photography or Drawing?
  2. I love this photo, especially the way you have placed your Green Digitatas. Looks almost like a plant on a hillside.
  3. Wow, am I correct in thinking this is a goniopora? It's got to be one of the coolest ones I've ever seen- the heads look more like zoanthids
  4. What if they aren't already attached to aragonite?
  5. I was wondering how you mount your Ricordeas to the plugs as shown?
  6. I like it. Something you did makes it look very large.
  7. That's awesome, I've always wanted to do a tank dominated by one coral.
  8. Oh lord, I didn't know that Vermetid Snails could grow so large! Thanks for sharing- I currently have a mildly annoying population of Vermetid Snails in my Nano that I will be paying closer attention to from now on.
  9. Thanks TimberC. BTW, I may be interested in the pair. IDK, how shipping would work though (Canada to California).
  10. What is your method for keeping the tank low maintenance? Any SPS in there? How many fish? Substrate depth? Feeding schedule? Please make a thread lol. I think that there will be lots of interest in your aquarium and the methods you employ to care for it. EDIT- Forgot to add that I am also interested in how you are raising the Bangaii Fry (I know you are keeping them in the cup). But what food do you feed and have you successfully raised them to adulthood yet?
  11. What's your maintenance schedule like? And nice tank
  12. I really like this photo. I never knew that Clown Gobies would host corals other than SPS. -Wizzy
  13. It's not real is it? Photo Filter?
  14. Squared- I wouldn't say they are rare, but it is hard to find one that isn't damaged during shipping and even after that it is sometimes difficult to get them to eat. Beautiful fish BTW.