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  1. Reef Vase

    Hey Newman, nice to see you again. Cool idea. L
  2. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    Thank you. I actually gutted the filter chamber, added an extra small powerhead, and am now using the chamber as a refugium. It's worked pretty well for the past year, though I think I'd like to downgrade the lighting on it. So there are two roughly 40gph powerheads in the tank. The stock one and the little one in the big chamber. It'll slowly come back to its original glory. Corals are opening up again after the clean and I'll do another water change tonight to tidy things up. Haven't seen the emerald crab, but he may well be molting. They sometimes do that after being introduced to the tank. I'll feed them something yummy tonight. L
  3. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    Hi, I've been very busy too. Gorgs and sun corals never made it past my mom's stroke and me having to move out of the family home. I will try them again when I have the time and I am settled in a new place. Right now, I live in a small space with my fiance and I'm working a lot of hours to save for a bigger place, so very little time for a tank that requires a lot of detailed maintenance. The remaining dendros, however, are fine. The softies are ok. Had algae, some cyano and bubble, battled it with a good clean, so it'll be sorted soon. Had lost my emerald crab and I was very bad with water changes, so it explained a lot. Today, I got his replacement and two scarlet hermits. I'm not sure I'll get another fish. I'm pretty happy with just inverts right now. I'd really like to replace the golden banded coral shrimp. I'll keep you posted. Here is a lousy picture with my iPhone. Corals are angry right now, but they are already open more as I type than they were during the photo. I got about $40 from some Liverock I had that was extra so I'll see what I can pick up tomorrow. L PS: Tank turned a year old August 11. Yippie!!!
  4. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    July bills over. Will do water change today.
  5. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    Lol, no. I still haven't stolen it back yet, it's still waiting for me. Still have this tank. Lost the goby, though, but I knew that was going to happen. Will get a replacement as soon as July bills are finished. I only have enough to keep the tank going financially. Not much for extra expenses. Need to do a water change. GSP are overrunning everything, except the gorgs and the dendros. A set of green palys are toast, completely buried by the gsp. It's pretty cool to watch something get that invasive. The corals are better off on the floor and away from the gsp. I will probably round out the tank with ricordea as they are cheap, easy to care for, and have pretty colors. Other mushies too. Inverts are doing great, as are the blastos. Favia and yuma are not doing as well. I know, it's been a long while. I'm doing a double bill (Gianni Schicchi/Il Tabarro) in July and I've been so busy learning music and working. L
  6. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    The light is for an Innovative Marine 4g and yes, it was purchases separately. L
  7. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    Photos. Full tank. Gorgs open more at night. Dendros just ate. http://s41.photobucket.com/user/lljdma06/media/Fluval%20Spec/D652C0F1-3173-401E-9415-6E6F95BF36CE-23320-00004513BF5985BE_zps253c6c1a.jpg.html'> Green star polyps. Not fully awake yet. I snapped the photos in the morning. http://s41.photobucket.com/user/lljdma06/media/Fluval%20Spec/939B3035-C4F5-4130-9E38-8643120D4B85-23320-00004513E08D6E99_zps30a4522f.jpg.html'> Animal the Dendro. He's happy. http://s41.photobucket.com/user/lljdma06/media/Fluval%20Spec/3E08C03A-EA94-4532-919C-CA3BEC120236-23320-00004513FD90EE6F_zps79b9c8e4.jpg.html'> I may steal back the dendro I gave to my fiance. He doesn't have the patience for nps and he doesn't feed it. It'll do better with me. I also want my christmas favia and I'll rearrange the tank so I can have it. Everything needs to be reattached anyway, so might as well put in what I want. I'll use freakin' cement this time! L
  8. Citron goby in a pico?

    I've had my Green clown for about nine months. Good fish. Keep it simple and get one that doesn't move much, especially if the tank is small. Or one that uses rockwork a lot. Mine does that. He kinda hops about the rocks until he finds his favorite perch and then surveys his vast domain. When I feed, sometimes I don't see him and then as soon as food hits the tank, whoosh! He's right there out of nowhere. "Nowhere" is usually some hidden crevice. They seem thick and bulky, but are actually quite compressed laterally, so they can fit into some pretty narrow openings. This is different from the yellow clowns, citrons, and pandas which all have wider heads. L
  9. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    Hi everybody. I don't think anybody really follows this one much anymore. LOL, I completely understand, I can barely follow this thread myself! VERY busy with a recital, my anniversary (one year with my fiance May 20). But I had a spare moment and thought I'd write some stuff down. It'll also motivate me to do my tank maintenance, which I've been lax with again. Sorry, no photo updates. The tank looks the same. I can snap one tonight if anybody's interested. Corals are still on the floor or scattered, or detaching. Glue sucks. Must be just a bad batch of the stuff. The fuge needs to be emptied, and of course a water change. I need to do a search and rescue for one colony of hornets. I cannot find them. They're alive, they just detached from the main colony and yikes! As things age, you really start to get attached to the little buggers. I think I have a cute little community. Even if I'm unsuccessful in the longterm with the higher end nps (sun corals and gorgs), just the dendros, odd zoas, mushies, gsp, and blastos make for a really nice little group that I'm pretty happy with. It's not fancy, but I'm happy. I did indeed keep it simple. My goby is still going strong, though he/she/it show signs of aging. He eats like a horse and I feed him, but he is very skinny. If I lose him, I'll probably replace him as I really like the species itself. I could try a panda goby again as I was very successful with one in the past, but I think my inverts are too big for a panda goby. Or, I can finally pair my Randall's with a very small shrimp goby. I don't see the bioload being any different between Mr. Fathead (the clown goby I have) and a small high fin banded or yasha haze. The stars of the tank are the motile inverts. I really think, that if I did anything right with this setup, anything at all, is that I have a neat little group of inverts. They are the stars of the tank. I have so far... Golden coral banded shrimp - really has grown up nicely in this tank and is super pretty. I recommend them. All the charm of a Coral banded, but like 1/3 the size. Emerald crab - has eaten every bit of algae, even my pretty red stuff. Mine has stayed small. Randall's pistol shrimp - great little digger who really stirs up the substrate. I removed most of it when I did my last heavy clean. There's just enough to keep him busy. Banded trochus - very good little snail. Cowrie - this sucker (haha, pun intended) is old, over a year. I had him as a CUC in my Biocube that was setup in Feb 2012. Dwarf ceriths and some hitch hiker bristle stars. Who knows what else. I discover a lot of little beasties. I have some sort of filter-feeding barnacle thingy growing at the base of one of the dendro colonies. I never replaced the hermit crabs. IMO, they weren't necessary for this setup. I have no desire to add anything else. If something dies, though, I will replace it, as I like the current dynamic a lot. Nine months old. I'll post a picture tonight pre-maintenance and again after I do my maintenance. You should see the tank when it's not at its best. This is important. I struggle with picos like everybody else does. I'm lazy too. I need to get my butt in gear especially since I'm on summer schedule now. No excuses. Stop playing Skyrim and do the darn water change! L
  10. Florida pico fish?

    I know, it's must be like breaking some sort of law somewhere. There are some very small blenny and goby species that'll do very well in that setup. Try this species Coryphopterus personatus - masked goby or Acanthemblemaria macrospilus - barnacle blennies If they can claim a Caribbean origin, then FL isn't too far off the mark. Of the two species, I've only ever seen, large gravid females approach the 2" mark, and still they are a slender fish. A mated pair of either species would be pretty sweet. There is always the neon goby, which I happen to think is extremely charming, easy to find, inexpensive, and darn pretty. Jawfish will get too big and require too much sand. Chalk bass really are their best when kept in a pack. There are other solitary species of basslets, but they really get too large for an evolve. Duh, can you tell I've done the Caribbean thing before? Do yourself a favor, get a nicer light. The Evolve has terrible color temperature. I'm using the 4W innovative marine in my 2g Spec and I really think that that light would do justice to a nice 4g macro-dominated Caribbean tank. If you don't go past ricordea and other Caribbean mushies and zoas, you won't need a further upgrade. The colors on the 4W are stunning. Sometimes they sell rics a $6 a head online. L
  11. Fluval Specs

    The stock pump on one side and a small 40gph pump I stuck in the refugium side. Lighting is a 4w Innovative marine LED fixture. My tank is in my signature too. L
  12. Simplicity... llj's Fluval Spec

    Hi, I'm alive. Got bogged down with finals. Tank is doing great. Corals are still all over the place, but opening nicely and eating, so who cares? My baby god of wars are growing. Refugium needs a good clean, that's it. It'll be 9 months May 11. Counting the days to one year! L
  13. How many cups of salt to a 5 gallon bucket?

    Lol, this thread made me think of this... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ozSF-7_Fwec In the beginning I got stressed about water, but now, not at all. You'll learn to eyeball & get good results. I'm at about 1.026, & I use my digital scale from eBay. L
  14. teaching Sun coral

    + 1 to the above two posts regarding suns & light. They don't care. Give 'em flow & food & put them where the feeding is easy. Nps gorgs are similar. I love these corals. A lot of color & a great look. L
  15. G. Ternatensis Mantis Shrimp Tank Build!

    I think it gives him some character, cause mantis shrimp are otherwise rather dull, aren't they? L