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  1. phenom5

    Skimmer questions

    I run an rs80 on my 20 long. Love it...except for the fact that it's big. Takes up most of my little sump. If you can pick one up for 100 bucks, I'd grab it. The pump is quite, the only thing that makes any noise on mine is the water flowing out of the standpipe, but that's just because I need to get in there and tweak it a little bit. As far as skimmate, it pulls out some nasty, dark (cause I'm skimming pretty dry), smelly nog.
  2. phenom5

    FS 70W Retro w/ 2 bulbs

    Still up for sale, lots of PM's asking questions, showing interest...but nobody's pulled the trigger.
  3. phenom5

    FS 70W Retro w/ 2 bulbs

    Not the greatest picture...but...
  4. phenom5

    FS 70W Retro w/ 2 bulbs

    Sorry, I meant to say that in the original post...pictures will be up soon. I've got too much blood in my coffee system at the moment, but once I get up and get going I'll get some pictures up.
  5. Hey all, I'm selling my 70W retrofit that I got from Illuimg.com a few years back. I have an Ushio 10,000K & Ushio 20,000K bulb. The 10kk has about 6 mos. of use on it, and the 20kk has about 4 mos. Great retro for a smaller tank, I kept SPS successfully under this light, but my tank is getting bigger, and now I need more light. $100 shipped.
  6. phenom5

    29 SPS

    that, combined with the flow from your return should do the trick. just make sure you can easily remove the PH's so you can clean them.
  7. phenom5

    29 SPS

    well, too me that seems like a lot of unnecessary work, and will take up too much real estate in the tank. PH's can be hidden behind rocks, or since your drilling the tank anyway you could drill in a closed loop. then you wouldn't have to worry about any PH's in the tank at all.
  8. phenom5

    29 SPS

    i'm not sure i understand the reasoning behind the false-wall. if your going to go to all the trouble of making the false-wall, why bother with the under the tank sump? hard to say, but initially i wouldn't dose. watch your Ca & Alk levels for a while and get a good feel for how the Ca is being consumed, obviously as you add more and more SPS your tanks demands for Ca will increase and down the road you may have to start dosing. i hope you have more patience with your tank then you do with this thread...i think you've set the world record for the most "bumps" in the shortest amount of time.
  9. phenom5

    29 SPS

    i've actually read some stuff that is consistent with this. i'll see if i can dig up the info b/c i can't remember what the idea behind it was. i will say that if your going to run this tank BB skip the fuge.
  10. phenom5

    29 SPS

    something i just realized... your canopy should have an open back...which gives you a place for the OTB returns and saves you the hassle of drilling them in...if you don't have an open back canopy the MH will get too hot, i don't care how many fans you have in there.
  11. phenom5

    Easiest SPS

    montipora are generally pretty hardy. monti caps and monti digiata's are a good place to start. porties have a reputation aas being fairly hardy as well. i would start out with a couple of monti's and see how it goes, then maybe try an acro frag. green slimers are a good "starter" acro. you've got plenty of flow. i don't know who told you that you had to have 1000gph to keep SPS, but they're wrong. SPS like strong, random flow, but it's impossible to say that they require Xgph as there are way too many factors involved in keeping them to make a broad generalization like that. lighting looks good also, but lighting & water movement come second to water quality. as long as your water parameters are stable you should be good. the one thing that jumps out at me is the fact that your using a 2-part to dose and topping off with kalk. seems like that would send your Ca & Alk soaring in such a small tank w/o any SPS...
  12. phenom5

    29 SPS

    i guess it's not really any different doing it that way vs. OTB. when you said on the bottom w/ locline i thought your return outlet was going to be low in the tank...
  13. phenom5

    29 SPS

    equipment wise...the only thing i really see is the return. are you planning on having the return come up through the bottom of the tank? to me that sounds like trouble. definately put a swing-check valve on the return if your going to do this. any reason for doing it this way? vs running the returns over the back.
  14. phenom5

    29 SPS

    yeah, people put frags in right after the cycle, i wouldn't do it though. new tanks are not stable enough IMO. i would wait at least 6 mos. not only does that give your tank time to get more stable, it gives you a chance to get a good feel for your tank. SPS can be tricky enough as is, no need to make it more difficult by adding frags a week after the cycle is done. by dosing i assume you mean dosing to keep up Ca & Alk. there's really no way to tell if WC's are going to be enough, you'll have to keep an eye on it by testing regularly. even if you are okay just doing water changes to start, once your frags grow, so will the demand for Ca.