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  1. rok3535's 20 long

    I'm still here, meant dasani. Sorry always forget about quoting.
  2. rok3535's 20 long

    Bye Dasani! I'm guessing you don't still have the nano cubes squared?
  3. rok3535's 20 long

    Thats fine, my brother is moving to a new apartment though so i might not be here till later. And dentist . Hey squared why is your name squared just wondering? I'll be back in a little gtg.
  4. rok3535's 20 long

  5. rok3535's 20 long

    how long will it take for them to send an approval email? And how do you get to chat anyway on the site?
  6. rok3535's 20 long

    it says they need to send me an approval email before i can log in . and the bottom of the site says max people on was 18 at one point. sad or what and no i'm thinking about getting a 4g later of course
  7. rok3535's 20 long

    Anyway while i try to load that, lets talk. What do ya guys think about a finnex 4 g while buying another finnex light to have two. oh god yahoo. my brothers are computer nerds so gmail!
  8. rok3535's 20 long

    i meant my gmail.
  9. rok3535's 20 long

    sorry the site is freaking out!
  10. rok3535's 20 long

    guess not, who's the person with the cat rapping or whatever? all i remenber is cat hang on still trying to figure out the site. btw if i don't respond sometimes my internet may have spazzed out. don't feel dissed or anything.
  11. rok3535's 20 long

    i think i've seen him before.
  12. rok3535's 20 long

    ( btw ... dunky?)
  13. rok3535's 20 long

    Well, thanks? I don't usually go to the internet for complements but conversation is good. I'll go make an account hang on.
  14. rok3535's 20 long

    Oooh,a big boy now sps mostly. So my bulbs are good for sps right? I kinda do want more blue.
  15. rok3535's 20 long

    No, whats OR?