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  1. 4 Fish (2 Tangs) In 1 QT

    I've had good luck with it. I use it as a preventive measure for all my new fish. Its supposed to be a "cure all", the only thing is it has to be dosed every day. Never used Copper yet, I do have a bottle of Cupramine on hand though.
  2. 4 Fish (2 Tangs) In 1 QT

    I've used them together the last time I QT'd fish. I had 2 whip fin fairy wrasses and a orange back fairy wrasse in a 20L, all 3 did great.
  3. 4 Fish (2 Tangs) In 1 QT

    That's about what I figured, Ammonia will be the biggest threat. I have 4 filter sponges seeding in the DT, also dosing Microbacter7 also to help seed them too. I plan on using Prime daily while there in the QT. Will also do 5g WC every other day and will be ready to do more if need be. I plan on using Para Guard for 21 days and if they look good after 30 days they will go into the 125.
  4. 4 Fish (2 Tangs) In 1 QT

    I have a LiveAquaria DD order coming Tuesday and want to make sure I have the right QT or QT's set up for them. The Fish are: 1. 3-7/8" Maldivian Powder Blue Tang 2. 2-3/4" Hawaiian Yellow Eye Kole Tang 3. 1" and 1-3/8" Tank Bred Kaudern's Cardinalfish Bonded Pair I have a 30g(36x12x16) set up for them which I think will be fine, but the more I think about it the more I keep second guessing myself. I also have a 20L and 10g I can set up if I need to. What do you think will I be ok with just the 30?
  5. Im using a bubble magus nac 3.5 on my 30g with a 10g sump and its working great. That being said ive seen the SCA-301 that you can get on ebay and its a little better for half the price. If i did it over id get the ebay one.
  6. 120 gallon with 20gal or 40gal sump.

    Id go with the 40, IME the bigger the better. Its easy to work in a bigger sump thus your more likely to keep up with it.... and its always nice to have extra room for probes, ato switches, media reactor pumps, ground probes, heaters, filter socks, etc. Im doing a 20g and a 40b on my 125.
  7. The FTS Thread!

    30g w/10g
  8. Trying to get my parameters up, This normal?

    Thanks Chris, dosing 10ml ea. again tonight and ill see were im at tomorrow and go from there. Id be freaking if I didnt have NR.com lol
  9. Trying to get my parameters up, This normal?

    Thanks for the input, Im shooting for dKH-9, Ca 425. Thank You
  10. Trying to get my parameters up, This normal?

    I guess my main question is Ive been doseing 10ml a day and the params have come up and leveld off and im not gaining anymore... is this normal?
  11. Finally got my Red Sea Pro kit and have ben trying to get my parameters in check . Tank is a 30g w/10g sump, Im using Seachem Reef Fusion 1&2, dosing 10ml ea. a day. Heres tests up to today. 2-17 Amm-0 NO2--0 NO3--0 PH---8.0 dKH--5.3 Cal---390 Mag--1280 2-18 dKH--6.2 Cal---400 Mag--1280 2-19 dKH--6.7 Cal---405 Mag--1300 2-20 dKH--7.3 Cal---410 Mag--1300 2-21 dKH--7.3 Cal---410 Mag--1300 Questions: 1. Could my coarl be sucking up more now the parameters are getting back in range? 2. Should I increase to 15ml? 3. Is there any special way I should be doseing? Im dripping them in about 30min apart strait into the tank. Im a newb to the dosing scene as I thought 10% weekly WCs would keep the levels up... guess not If you have any questions please ask, Thanks. A Quick FTS From Today
  12. Should I Upgrade My Return Pump? *pix*

    Good deal ill just do the Maxi Jet 1800 then. Thanks
  13. Should I Upgrade My Return Pump? *pix*

    Will regular threaded PVC fittings will screw to the 1800's output? hmm that might be the better option if so... Thanks Again
  14. Should I Upgrade My Return Pump? *pix*

    The main reason for not getting a bigger maxi is I want to stick with 1/2" fittings, I guess I can always use more adapters... The "stuff" is moastly snail/hermit poo, It takes about 30-45min for my tank to clear after cleaning the glass. You guys like the Maxi over the Mag, any reason why? Id like to order stuff from drs. F&S tomorrow if I can figure this out lol. Thanks for the input guys