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  1. My new angler, feeding question

    I would feed 2 times a week like Mon. & Thurs. or whatever days work for you this fish don't eat that often in the wild hense the reason they got a fishing pole so you have to control yourself from over feeding Iam not gonna tell ya what you should be feeding yours except don't use goldfish, i dont think the mollies are worth much either, I fed mine peppermint shrimp, damsels, and frozen silversides my next frog if I do, will be on a diet of frozen damsels & live peppermint shrimp
  2. My new angler, feeding question

    Do not feed em goldfish bad bad idea bongo had his eating frozen cubes so anything is possible jus go buy 5 damsels and freeze em You should be able to tell what yours is just compare em on the Frogfish.cc website but my guess is a commersons
  3. Capt. Fugly...my baby angler...

    Cute lil guy or gal
  4. My new angler, feeding question

    Looks more like a giant commersons to me but I could be wrong
  5. Fish acting odd!

    Iam gonna guess you pulled something out to put the rack in, which caused a spike. Test your parameters asap
  6. Snowflake, dwarf lion, angler

    Your really limited in a 14 for choices, don't mix the angler with anything, a eel at that! it don't last! And a eel in a 14 is a no go!
  7. ACANS

    Got em in mine and doing fine
  8. How long has your nano been up?

    heater malfunction ....... marineland stealth, if you do not know these heaters have been recalled do not use em, this could happen to you Oh and my cubes been running since may
  9. Kat's badass BC14, retired

    Kat you do know that sun coral needs to be spot fed when it opens right? Sometimes you can get their schedule switched around from night to day just feed the same time of day, suns are a favorite of mine, good luck with it! Clam seems normal, mine will do the same if messed with Wow way to go and happy holidays
  10. WARTSKIN Bio Cube

    Thanks it was a quicky
  11. WARTSKIN Bio Cube

    All the frogs are cool..... just limited to size
  12. WARTSKIN Bio Cube

    I will have to wait to see if santa thought I was naughty or nice this year....... iam gonna bet the under......i will again just not sure when
  13. Sand Sifting Goby

    If you don't have much rock work maybe IMO its pushing it though they get pretty big 5"+
  14. Do ya got a cleaner shrimp to put in work
  15. Feather Duster?

    Just keep quality water parameters and minimize fluctuations, its natures finest Why is it always when we "go out of town"