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  1. JoelRHale

    Cape Horn

    Checking in. Still no saltwater, but I am a lawyer and have a job now so it's just a matter of finding a house and setting up a new tank. I will start a new thread when that happens.
  2. JoelRHale

    Cape Horn

    Just thought I would drop by and update people on what I've been doing. Since law school demands lots of time and money, I went with a planted tank. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aQ3D8iFJYQ'>Here is my new 40 Gallon Breeder. It's got a school of x-ray tetras, rummynose tetras, neon tetras, and oto cats. In addition to that there's a soon-to-be-mated pair of convict cichlids and a colony of red cherry shrimp in the sump. Plants include marimo moss, dwarf baby tears, dwarf hair grass, a mystery sword, and telanthera cardinalis. Basically same set up as the reef but only using one light, no powerheads, and no protein skimmer. Been up since september/october. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. JoelRHale

    Diver's Pony Paradise - New photos! (pg. 64)

    I'm good. It's really busy! (as you can see by how long it took me to respond.
  4. JoelRHale

    College 3-Gallon Reef Tank!

    Cool, I worked at a bio-chem laboratory one summer sampling water from streams and wells on a contract with the department of highways to make sure new road systems weren't polluting natural habitats. It was super fun, I got paid more than I should, and spent most of the summer outside playing in creeks and all my meals were paid for. Man it was sweet.
  5. JoelRHale

    College 3-Gallon Reef Tank!

    What job did you get?
  6. JoelRHale

    College 3-Gallon Reef Tank!

    Don't worry about chasing a number with ph or dkh, stability is more important. Messing with buffers only really reaps benefits in more delicate systems, not in a macro tank. The less stuff you add, the better you'll be in the long run IMO.
  7. JoelRHale

    Gentlemen Prefer Cubes

    Hey gorgeous. Just dropping by to say I miss the gang.
  8. JoelRHale

    Rio Grande Twins

    Hey now, I have plenty of tanks. They are just empty at the moment. I'm home for the weekend but I'm bringing my 75 back with me so there's that. And fresh or salt, I'll make my thread here. Probably in this thread.
  9. JoelRHale

    Rio Grande Twins

    I guess they are letting just any old POS become TOTM now. Just kidding! Damn, this tank looks good. Congrats and well deserved!
  10. JoelRHale

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Hey! Either way they are awesome. That type has always been my favorite. I might be in your neck of the woods this summer for my summer internship! I want this job so bad haha.
  11. JoelRHale

    Rio Grande Twins

    The cyano is just there to keep you humble!
  12. JoelRHale

    Kat's Ol' Max

    PPE's at the bottom right of the picture?
  13. JoelRHale

    Cleaner Shrimp Q

    Yes they are hermaphrodites, my last pair took turns carrying eggs. Great natural food source for the other tankmates!
  14. JoelRHale

    Rio Grande Twins

    Man, this tank isn't ugly anymore, I can't believe it!