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  1. Love my Ai's
  2. My two Aqua Illumination Sol Super Blue LED's in my canopy lighting my 65 gallon Reef tank. Nice clean setup.
  3. Thug life.
  4. 65 Gallon Reef Tank.
  5. holly coraline.
  6. New Canopy for my 65 Gallon reef tank.
  7. My Ocellaris Clown hosting my Torch Coral.
  8. Looks like the nano Aqua Illumination leds.
  9. I looked at aquasd and their corals look amazing. Ill definitely be buying corals from them.
  10. Where do you buy youre corals from?
  11. One of my favorite corals out there. Their call Fire ballz I bought them from my local fish store A Reef Creation about a month ago and it is gorgeous. Yet very expensive at 100$ a polyp Im hoping it will be my money making coral to keep feeding my Reef addiction
  12. LED lighting?
  13. This is my Coral I'm not really too sure what its called but this is personally on my top of favorite corals the colors on this is simply amazing. If anyone happens to know what the name of this coral is please let me know.