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  1. ADA Cube Garden Mixed Reef

    Thank you. There is a popular thread that has been around for a while that shows you how to bend electrical conduit and shap it to curve up and over your tank. I painted mine black, drilled holes in the top and ran stainless steel wire through the hole. Then I ran the bottom part of the condit through a 4x4 piece of wood and screwed the wood piece it into the back of my stand. I'm not very good at DIY and I was able to do this. Here's the link. Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.
  2. ADA Cube Garden Mixed Reef

    Thank you for the comment. In the media basket on the left I have poly filter flos and on the right in the bottom PhosGuard. On top of the PhosGuard there is a bag with Carbon and GFO that I mix myself from bulk that I buy from Bulk Reef Supply.
  3. ADA Cube Garden Mixed Reef

    I began my nano reefing in 2011 with a Green Leef Cubeless 46C. You can visit that journey here. I liked the quality and look of the tank but didn't like how I had to landscape it. So a few months ago I made a change. The new set-up is the ADA Cube Garden 60P which measures 24X14X12 and it's a real beauty. If you've wondered if they are made as well and look as good as advertized, the answer is yes. All of the equipment I started with is still being used and it has been foolproof. A testament to buying good quality to start with: Circulation: Vortech MP 10 ES Lighting: Dave Fason Nanobox 12-24 LED LED Fixture: DIY Auto Top Off: Tunze Osmolator Heater: Via Aqua 100W Filtration Aqua Clear 50 & inTank Media Basket When I made the transfer I went through a couple of weeks of algae blooms; you just have to wait that out. After the system settled down, with the exception of bubble algae popping up from time to time, it has been very stable. By the way, I treat the bubble algae by taking the rock out, scraping it off, and treating the area with hydrogen peroxide before returning it to the tank. I've kept the bioload down by only keeping a goby/shrimp pair, as you can see, and one Black and White Ocellaris named Tom. There have been a few failures; I've lost 2 plates, 2 arcans and a couple of others are struggling. Everything else is pretty healthy and growing. The STS' and Zoe's seem to thrive under Dave Fason's LED's. Dave Fason has been very helpful over the last couple of years, taking on many questions. He makes a fine product which you can find on his web site. My workflow is pretty simple: a weekly 50% water change and an A&B dose every other day before lights on. The fish are fed every other day and the corals the night before the water change. I don't run a myriad of tests nor do I tinker. One the most valuable lessons, which I learned here, is let your tank have time and keep your hands out of it. I'm no expert and am not purporting to be. This is just the way I do it. The tank is in my home office and it very enjoyable swiveling my chair around a looking into it to take a break. Here are a couple of recent photos; thanks for reading and looking. Happy to respond to any questions.
  4. OceanFlyer's 20G Cube

    Wow, last post was Dec 21----2011. Where did the time go. The equipment list is exactly the same but I changed out the tank. Is is now an ADA 60F. The change over was done a couple of months ago and it was pretty easy. Had to break up some rocks and reatach a few SPS but other than that is went fine. I like the look better and it's much easier to maintain and scape for me at least. Here is a quick iPhone shot but will post a few othre later in the week.
  5. Planted Tank System for Sale - $495

    Speaker73 amd malady, thanks for the tips. Good ideas especially Planted Tank. Didn't think of that, dah.
  6. Planted Tank System for Sale - $495

    There are a lot of things to photograph. Every item is new and never used. If someone is seriously considering buying I will take the time to do that. DM me if you want to discuss.
  7. I purchased this entire system new and have never used it and the majority is in its original packaging. It includes the following: C02 Cylinder 5 Lbs pH Controller Mil 12 122 Milwaukee C02 Pre 17G ADA Amazonia Norm Type 11 ADA Power Sand Black Mini ADA Thermometer 8MM Archaea Diffuser SC Equilibrium 600gm ADA Layout Stone 4 lbs SC Alkaline Buf 300 ADA Ins Check Val Do!aqua Violet Glass Outflow Do!aqua Violet Glass Inflow (The Do!aqua glass is hard to find and most sizes are on back order at most places) I was going to convert my saltwater ADA tank to fresh water but never got around to it. There is really too much to take photos of but if you know what these are and have been wanting to do a top of the line planted tank the price is very fair. I will work out the cost of UPS ground shipping depending on location of buyer. I really don't want to sell individual items, a lot of shipping, but talk to me.
  8. You know how Road & Track gives those long term owners report on cars? I thought I would do one for Dave Fason's LED's. I installed his system back in Sept 2011 and you can read my comments below. Eight months later it is working very well. I have found it to be all I need for my cube (18X18X18). Even though the tank is deep the lights cover everything and the corals are happy Like any product some care needs to be taken. Three months ago the fan noise was getting louder. I emailed Dave and got an immediate reply. He suggested that the fan blade area might need cleaning. Dah! He was right. There was a dust build up. I used cue tips dipped in alcohol to get most of it and followed with the vacuum cleaner. Noise gone. Now every few weeks I take a look. That has been the only problem. For potential owners I will tell you the lights are very bright turned all the way up. It took me some time to get them adjusted for my situation. I'm currently at 100% on the blues and 60% on the whites. In addition, I reduced the time they are on. Blues only for 8 hours and all lights on for 7. That seems to be the sweet spot for my tank. The nice thing is both blues and whites are easy to adjust. Overall, I'm pleased with these lights. There have been several new LED systems introduced since purchasing these and like all of us I've been tempted to spend more money but in the end these are great - why change.
  9. OceanFlyer's 20G Cube

    I know I "take it slow" to the extreme but it seems to be working for me. I now have, are you ready, two fish. The newest member of the family is a Randall's Shrimp Goby that moved in a week ago. Some call it a Orange Stripe Prawn Goby. Either is fine with me. It's about twice the size of the Rainfords and is very cautious when I approach the tank. Sometimes it shoots into the burrow nearly faster than you can see. Other times I can walk up slowly and take a picture like this one. I assume, that over time, it will be braver but perhaps it's their nature. It is also a nervous eater. Any food I put into the tank must float right to it. It will not chase after food. Perhaps there are other food sources in the tank that I can't see and therefore it's not hungry. Anyone else with one of these I'd like to hear your experiences.
  10. OceanFlyer's 20G Cube

    After several months I've actually added my first fish. It's a Court Jester Gobi. I've had it a couple of weeks and it has adapted very well. Very shy but comes out more and more. It does nip at GHA if I let the algae stay very long. It also likes frozen Cyclopeeze. The Skunk tried at first to be friendly but the Gobi is to fast and isn't interested. My original plan was to go very slow with bioload and so far I think that has paid off. Tank if very healthy and maturing well. AKA Rainford Gobi
  11. OceanFlyer's 20G Cube

    It's a new year and the cube is coming along. I'm very happy with it other than a constant fight with GHA. The RODI I'm buying from the water store claims to be 0 but I'm thinking maybe not. I don't have a tester but with all other H20 paramiters spot on it has to be that. It might be time to invest in my own RODI unit. The H202 works for spot treatments but at some point the problem has to go away. Here is an updated FTS and a few new corals that's been added in the last couple of weeks. Still having trouble getting a clear focus on the FTS. Turned everything off but as you can see it not correct yet. 1/22/12 Frog/Organ Pipe Acan Zoe's Favia
  12. OceanFlyer's 20G Cube

    Thanks Jr, Dave's a good guy and makes a quality product.
  13. OceanFlyer's 20G Cube

    Dave, Here are two FTS' showing your awesome Nano Box LED system at work. I have the blues at 100% and the whites set at 55%. That setting gives the tank just a slight hint of blue and the colors of the corals are better. If I go much higher with white levels your powerful little beauty is much too bright. I'm hopeful that's enough light for the SPS' to flourish. They are all pretty new so it's probably too soon to determine that. I'll have to watch and see. There's also a Skunk in there but it's only been in for 3 days so it's hiding out in the cave. Most of the frags, except the torch, are small so there's a lot of growing to do but that's part of the fun of it. I'll do a few macro's next post.
  14. ADA tanks

    Dasani, Aquatouch in Phoenix, AZ carry them and they are great to work with.
  15. I need help within 30 min

    I have a 20G Cube and it's been up for 4 months and I still don't have any fish. Corals for sure and a Skunk. That's it. My approach may be slower than need be but the first tank I had many years ago I rushed things and it was a disaster. I learned a valuable lesson and vowed to go slow this time. Fish cause an increase in bio load and I wanted to let this tank be stable and reasonably mature first. Everyone is anxious to get some fish but if your hobby is going to be long term then you have plenty of time.