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  1. loving the tank dimensions (I'm a sucker for shallow tanks ), and the rockscape!
  2. Thanks! yeah, that hammer and monti are just spreading our right at the water surface, I might have to move the down soon.
  3. a couple of new additions since the last FTS, see if you can spot them
  4. Thank you vlangel! They are indeed, this one has a blue hue to it but is mostly green. My favorite thing about is how easy it is to keep.
  5. I accidentally bleached this trachyphyllia about a year ago under maxspect razors. I've since switched to AI radions and placed it under a ledge, fed it directly every fortnight or so, then slowly moved it out in the open. I am happy to report that it's gradually getting back to its former glory.
  6. Yeah Its done well under the radions over the last year
  7. Henceforth it shall be dubbed the "Big Booty Chalice". Frags would fetch me a decent price with that name lol
  8. I see, lol I was hoping for some fancy name
  9. For a good long while, I've been looking for a orange/yellow coral to balance out the colour palette that I had in mind for the tank. And I finally found this gorgeous piece from a local reefer who was downsizing his tank. As soon as I saw this on his FTS, I just knew that i had to have it. Does anybody know the name for this particular chalice morph?
  10. It's amazing how big of a difference good lighting and stable water parameters can do. This was my RBTA 2 years ago under DIY LEDs (royal blues and whites only). The tank was also quite young then as evidenced by the algae on the rocks And this is the same RBTA yesterday, under G2 Radions and in a fairly stable and matured tank
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