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  1. Sps dominated cube tank

    I would get a larger return especially if you are going to run anything else on it. I was going to use that pump for my return, but I found out later it doesn't deal with head pressure too well. I'm glad I up sized to a larger pump. It runs my fuge and reactors comfortably. FWIW I went with a WB 3000. My tank is 100 gal. Looks great so far, best of luck!
  2. Bubble Magus New NacQQ $40 shipped

    I used one of these for a while. Great little skimmer. GLWS!
  3. Wow, wish this was a 250. When did you buy this? Don't the newer models have a single cord coming out of the fixture? GLWS!!
  4. Kessil 150w ocean blue $150 shipped

    Wow, just wow. I've had some people push me on the gift thing. For a couple of bucks, no way I gift. Sorry bud, may others learn from this chitty situation. What a dirtbag.......
  5. Bnib items FS *Pics*

    Where in Miami? Might be interested in a reactor. Thanks.
  6. WTB: Kessil Deep Ocean Blue

    PM sent. Thanks.
  7. LF a Kessil Deep Ocean Blue for a new project, preferably with gooseneck. Thanks!
  8. 2 AI Nano LED Fixtures - Cheap!

    Nice pics. Any photos of your photobox set-up?
  9. Winterfell Reef - A 100 Gallon Journey

    Awesome. Looks like,you had a true GOT moment and everyone was slaughtered! My tank is still not wet, I'm so jealous right now. Love how its filling in......
  10. FS Panorama Pro Module and Accessories

    Are the LEDs in an alternating pattern? Or are they clustered left and right. Thanks!
  11. Vortech MP10 - never seen salt

    This forum is just entertaining to read. All the threads get derailed, and mods just let everyone carry on, LOL! I agree its better than the communism found on the other boards, but you guys are just nuts, LOL! Funny, funny Thanks for the entertainment. Carry on!
  12. Plywood Stand for 20gallon Help

    3/4 is fine. Only concern would be how you support that center weight bearing shelf. If you're fancy, you can cut a dado and slide the shelf panel in. If you are a simpleton, you can just add a couple of plywood panels (like a stand whithin the stand) to support the middle shelf. The other thing to consider is just place the sump on the bottom panel, and use the upper for storage. That way it doesnt matter how you attach the "shelf". I built my QT stand with 1/2" ply and 3/4" pine stock. NO INNER FRAME, just the panels. I used pocket screws for the joinery. If I were to do it today, I would probably use rabbets, but that's because I have the tools now..... Here is my QT stand, built with simple tools.... Couple of contruction pics. This was my first stand build. I've evolved a little since then.
  13. when is it too far gone?

    Yeah, leave them alone. I've had zoas closed for weeks that came back. I have a small colony now that has been problematic for a month, and is slowly coming back. GL!
  14. WOW, this is a steal! GLWS. If you were local, and I wasn't in the middle of a custome build, I would not hesitate!