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  1. six line wrasse

    I used to have a Six Line and a Peppermint Shrimp together. One morning I woke up to the Six Line and my Watchman Goby eating it. Then the RBTA finished it off! Lol. Not sure what exactly happened.
  2. Yup. Actually it says 1.025/35ppt. So I guess that would explain the window on the levels.
  3. Buckets for water

    I use those blue 7 gallon water jugs WalMart sells in the camping section. They seal good and have a spigot on them.They are about $12.
  4. Red Sea Coral Pro: Cal-455-475 Alk-12.3-12.7 Mag-1360-1420 Those are the numbers when mixed at 1.025 according to the side of the bucket.
  5. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    Sweet. Thanks for the hard work. GB saved me about $30 over my already Preferred Pricing.
  6. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    This mixup will be reflected in your tip.
  7. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    I just talked to them online and they said they don't have a GB listed under nano-reef.
  8. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    Yeah I'm pretty anxious to get it running. After actually paying more attention to my levels instead of just going with the "water changes are enough" mentality, I think I figured out why my LPS growth has slowed and my SPS grew slowly.
  9. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    Kalk starter pkg, 50ml dosing pump, assorted jugs and bottles and pumps for the mixes.
  10. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    Yeah they only run one week. I'm guessing and hoping it starts 8/21.
  11. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    No minimum and it looks like there is no issue with location as long as they normally ship to your location.
  12. BRS GroupBuy! Start 8/21

    Oh yeah! You read my mind. I was just going to start one. Need some goods. I'm in. PM with info coming your way.
  13. Sump design

    Didnt think about the pics. My bad. Maybe mine was more complex with the dual returns, but even on my drain, you will see that once you start plumbing around the stand and getting things to line up where you want them that different angles are nice nice to have and things may change from how you thought they would be.
  14. Sump design

    Hopefully I dont get in trouble for this. Check out my thread. http://vegasreefers.com/forums/showthread....-40B-Tank-Build. That is how I did my plumbing, our setups are a bit different but still similar. . Here is my suggestion regarding plumbing. Get a rough idea how you want it and approximately how many ball/gate valves you want, how many unions you want, and whether or not you are going to use a check valve. Your drain is fairly easy to design and complete on paper. The return is not, in my opinion. Get a rough idea and a rough count of Ts, 22*, 45*, and 90* elbows. Then order extra of all of them. I had a plan but once you are working in 3D you will find your plans on paper will most likely change and you will have to think on the fly a bit.
  15. plumbing my 40 breeder

    Check out www.pvcflex.com. With all the unions and ball valves and check valve I used I was able to save some money with them. They also have a much better selection of items you wont find at Lowes.