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  1. Yeah, new in box. I only have the leg rail things that come in the box. I had planned to hang them.
  2. I'd let both 120w LEDs go for 700 shipped fedex
  3. Update::: I removed the sold items and added a few more things that are cluttering my aquatics room. Arduino Typhon controller from Boost LED. Used, worked great and I loved it. Just have to make room the wife says. Comes with the 8-pin Wire connector, FTDI USB cable that you can program it with and the 12V power adapter. All of this new retails for $75. I'm asking $50 shipped priority USPS 3 ELN-60-48P Mean Well Drivers 1 ELN-60-27P Mean Well Driver all of these retail for $32.00 each. $20 each or the lot for $75 shipped priority USPS. I can't get the stupid picture to rotate...sorry guys Hey guys, it seems life decided to throw me a curveball...again. so I'm going to have to cancel my plans for my next project. I have some equipment for sale. All of it's brand new, only taken out to plug in. Sadly my dream system won't be coming true anytime soon. First up, Maxspect 120w 16k LED. I have 2 of these for sale. Both brand new, in the box. Asking $390 shipped via FedEx per or $700 for both shipped FedEx. I have a TON of other equipment but right now I'm hoping if these lights and pumps sell I won't need to let anything else go. Item's are located in Peoria Illinois. Local pick up always welcome. any questions just ask. Thanks for looking.
  4. 🔥🔥🔥 Lawnman's Lounge 🔥🔥🔥

    4k!? ... wow... I've seen some wicked groovy Scoly's but that guy has to be the beast of them all.
  5. ZoAs forsale

    price on these please? I'm not very savvy with the names yet. Thanks.
  6. zoanthid ID, I've hit a wall here...

    thanks guys, any help is appreciated. and yeah, 50 for 2 polyps of those is a bit much... that's why its easier, cheaper, and safer to buy corals from another reefer.
  7. CNCreef Asis Pro 824 LED/T5HO Evil Cluster Hybrid

    BEN! i'm back hehehe now, build me a killer light damnit.
  8. hey guys, hoping some of you can help me shed some light on what these fella's are called. first one Second one Third one last one, I apologize for the cruddy pictures, my hands were shaking and my phone isn't the best camera for the job. Thanks guys!!!
  9. Dave's Naked picO : Modernism

    been to the site and everytime I load the shop it gives me a message saying failed to load product information. Tried from internet explorer and Mozilla.
  10. Kat's Ol' Max

    true, was thinking about building something small, maybe a 3 gallon pico or something. I still have all the equipment from the last tank, just no tank lol. I'm to picky to just go buy something too. I can't leave well enough alone, always taking things about and reverse engineering them. Been eyeing those JBJ picotopes though... Course...I'd need corals again. I might have to have you help me out with that in a month or so lol
  11. Kat's Ol' Max

    I did... the entire tank, stand, filtration was a one of a kind that took me over a year to plan and fabricate... I cried even more when the highway patrol wrote me a ticket for littering...AS I was trying to pick up all the pieces. a dark day in the reefing world that was.
  12. Kat's Ol' Max

    Been around, bought a house...had a baby... lost my job, got a new job... tank exploded during move, literally...ever see a tank fly off the back of a trailer at 55 mph? holy hell... so here I am, tankless... wondering if I should put something back together lol. you?