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  1. have the GSP come out to play yet?
  2. naw its a good source of nutrient export for me and helps keep my skinny
  3. some sorta octo or cuttle
  4. dont worrie GSP is unkillable i once had a collony growing on the roof of my mouth from sucking the water change tube. they will come out sooner or later.
  5. I think it will be epic once grown out.
  6. i love the rimless look your tank has
  7. Do you think the kessils would penetrate down the 21 inches of a standard 55 gallon tank?
  8. A big part of asking for advice is making sure the person helping you is smarter than yourself...... You chose poorly
  9. +1 needs a baileys bottle. should try and find one from like a mini fridge Also those clowns must be in heaven is there anything in your tank not covered with flowing eminently hostable coral. I bet those guys not know what to nuzzle next
  10. Blue hermit comes home early from work only to find his wife has a lover
  11. Best pic ever
  12. have you tested it yet. Looks like it will start up on its own if pumps go off right?
  13. "I quite like this photo. Did you purposefully park the what-looks-like-a Honda in front of the abandoned Detroit building (firehouse I'm assuming)? Bit of irony I guess." +1 Great irony and subject matter esp. given the current economic nonsense.