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  1. Sump plumbing

    http://www.thereeftank.com/forums/attachme...mp;d=1346710549 I give up on finding the exact setup i use this is the closest i can find based on memory. But please test the heck out of it before using it. If i remember right i needed to tweak some stuff to get it 100%. Once it was running on a tank of mine it ran for about 6 months with no problem and the end of the siphon would hit air once a day for feeding. +1 Drill baby drill
  2. Sump plumbing

    I swear there is a way threw PVC trickery and bends to make one that does not break even when the siphon end is put into air. It has to do with keeping a resevor of water just ready to go over inside a loop. I'm googling to try and find one now..... also test the #### out of anything u set up in the bath tub to make sure you did it right. That being said the best way is a overflow box and aqualifter there should be no reason to for problems with that setup unless something gets clogged. Also clever sump design can eliminate flooding by creating a limit in how much can leave the sump the down side to this is you can burn up your pump if your siphon breaks
  3. Sump plumbing

    the best way is to use a aqua lifter to keep the siphon going. they are like 30$ and are a little pump that can move water or air without burning out I'm moving right now and my diy pvc overflow is at the other place so i cant take a pic but its similar but not exactly like this http://www.aquariumlife.net/projects/diy-overflow/120.asp
  4. Sump plumbing

    You can make a siphon that does not break or get a overflow box or drill the tank.
  5. Firefish

    they are big time jumpers and i think me may be a little cramped.
  6. darth maul paly care

    can my tube anemone be like a reverse sarlacc pit?
  7. darth maul paly care

    I felt a great disturbance in the Tank, as if millions of polyps suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
  8. darth maul paly care

    place on the dark side of your tank of duh. honestly though i would treat them just like any other zoa or pally.
  9. darth maul paly care

    Let the hate flow threw the pally. Give it plenty of room to embrace the dark side. Spot feed it younglings to keep evil up.
  10. Azox Macro Diet Coral Food

    I have everything in my tank loves it and it seems very popular around my area.
  11. Does it take power compact or T5?
  12. Anyone around Central IL ?

    the Chicago reef forums are not just ppl in Chicago proper but the whole area. I'm in Chicago but moving up to Wisconsin soon.
  13. Did I ruin my LED's?

    Use your tongue
  14. Spotted Mandarin Goby - Refugium

    +1 And even if you get him to eat frozen you will always have to balance his food load against the size of the tank. It can be done but you should know going into it that you are making your tank more work.
  15. Reef Rescue!

    Good work!