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  1. krista's BC14

    thanks shaq - i must be holding my mouth wrong jojoe - there are actually 3 crabs in there ( 1 is just to the left/above the legs u can see). they are getting better, but a couple times i found a poor little zoa frag upside down on the bottom cuz the crab knocked it off. i will have to go chk yr tank, as i am getting interested in clams...
  2. krista's BC14

    yes, tho maybe not as big as it appears... i still have some vertical space, and plenty around the edges. i was not successful with the pic, it only showed a red x ( so i deleted the post)
  3. krista's BC14

    hi all - time to stop lurking & share my newish biocube 14. started the setup on 13-jun-11, added most mushies & zoas last wkend. current occupants are kaudern's cardinal ( banggai) 3 scarlet hermits 2 astrea snails plus a few bristelworms and some newly-forming asterinas enjoy the pic, feedback welcome. i am moving stuff around a bit as i am new to coral-keeping; need to make sure they're all happy! today, it's arranged as 'Mt. Zoa' and the mushie garden. http://s1142.photobucket.com/albums/n608/n...cube19jul11.jpg krista ps. how to embed the image?
  4. Cape Horn

    looks great joel! love those blues! i have figured out how to get macro shots with my camera, but they are still blurry. do you use a timer to take the shots?