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  1. Just an update, I will ship for $100 each.
  2. Well I am looking for local pickup right now but depending on shipping ya probably $100 or $105 shipped.
  3. Hello, I have two Reef Keeper Lites for sale each with a head unit, PC4, and temperature probe. Looking for $100 each. Also looking for local pickup in Merced, CA 95348. PM me for questions.
  4. Ice Probe chiller x4

    Are these still for sale?
  5. SOLD

    Sweet deal! Free Bump.
  6. What is the upper limit of the tds meter? 999 or 9999 Also how do you like it? Does it give you accurate and consistent readings?
  7. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Only if Brian says so Plus you didn't actually send me the money
  8. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Sorry Teflon I already agreed to sell to Brian. Maybe next time.
  9. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Skimmer sold! Money recieved.
  10. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Sure thing! My pay pal is nickjqz@icloud.com I will let you know when I ship it. Hopefully it will be today.
  11. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Oops sorry just the mp 10 is sold. Skimmer is still available.
  12. LTB: Vortech MP10

    Sorry it has been sold.
  13. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Sold! Thanks for all of the offers. Have great day!
  14. LTB: Vortech MP10

    I have one for sale just a blue box $170 obo